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   Chapter 2019 The Universe Sect's Retaliation

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"You're right. In the past few years, every member of our Universe Sect has been focusing on the cultivation process instead of getting into conflicts with others. It seems that everyone has forgotten who the Universe Sect is in Blue Dragon School,"

another young man spoke.

"It's possible that this follower has not heard of us before as he just entered the Blue Dragon School. So he dares to act presumptuously.


Since this bastard has plucked up the courage to pick a fight with Larry, then the follower named Martin couldn't be let off the hook that easily.

Who does he serve anyway?"

asked the young man in pearl white clothes in a graceful manner.

"He serves Kimberly, who is a princess. I believe she comes from an ancient clan in the Middle Pilgrim Land, and is quite influential as a matter of fact,"

one of his followers replied respectfully.

"Ah, Kimberly!

She is from the Xia clan!"

Instantly, the faces of the five principal members of the Universe Sect who were highly seated changed.

"Well, I see.

The Xia clan and the Yuwen Clan were always at odds and had deep grudges against each other.

Martin's doing must have something to do with his master, Kimberly.

She is targeting the Yuwen Clan,"

the young man in white speculated.

"You are right.

That is correct."

The other four nodded in agreement.

"If that is the case, we will have to show our forces.

Not only is Martin going to die, his master, Kimberly, must also be punished,"

another tall and fat young man said coldly.

"Kimberly is both a disciple and member of the Xia Clan. Although the strength of their Summer Sect in the Blue Dragon School is not as powerful as that of our sect, they are not to be underestimated.

Since the leader of our Universe Sect and the most powerful elites have not yet returned, I'm afraid our odds are not good if we fight against them.

So, we'd best keep distance from Kimberly.

How about this? Send someone to tell Martin to come to the headquarters of our Universe Sect and apologize for his doings.

In addition, let's destroy the mountain that Kimberly is using for her cultivation as a warning to the Xia Clan.

As for Kimberly, do not lay a hand on her... for the time being,"

the young man sitting in the middle suggested.

He was Giles, who was famous as a strong man among the first level students of the Blue Dragon School.

He was also a core member of the Universe Sect.

Since Leonard was away, he controlled the Universe Sect for the meantime.

"Sir, that Martin is juvenile and arrogant, yet his fighting strength is terrifying. Going against him will be quite a challen

for your actions!"

the leading young man in white said coldly. A rolling thunder-like sound shook the whole cultivation peak.

The voice was so tremendous and powerful that everyone was taken aback. The man in white must be possessing great strength and skill.

Everyone was clueless on what was happening. Who was Martin and how did he manage to anger the most powerful senior students within the first week of classes?

"OMG! I just heard today that the Universe Sect is the most scary organization in the whole Blue Dragon School.

What the hell did that Martin do that infuriated the whole Universe Sect?

He is really a troublemaker!"

The face of Kimberly's male follower turned pale with fear.

The other two female followers were also trembling with terror.

"Universe Sect, what the hell is that?"

In the cottage, Austin was practicing the Golden Sun Scripture. As he heard the commotion outside, he could not help but open his eyes to end his mediation.

"This is Princess Kimberly's private territory. No one is allowed to enter without permission!

You have less than ten seconds. If you don't get out of here, I will teach you a lesson!"

Austin shouted at peak of the mountain where the five men flew, like a sudden burst of thunder.

All of a sudden, a strong vital energy spread out in strong waves, causing a perturbation.

Austin summoned two martial arts skills in one instant. The first was the Roaring Blast that he had long practiced in the Prime Martial World, and the other was the Mantra of Six Words that he had obtained in the Fallen Immortal World not long ago.

With the two martial arts skills used together, the terrible wave of rarefactions rumbled and overwhelmed everyone in the area, especially the five members of the Universe Sect.

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