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   Chapter 2018 The Universe Sect

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"You know what I going to do, and I'll do it right now. You can't stop me,"

Austin sneered.

Then, hundreds of slaves came out of the Slave Tower. They rushed to the mountain peak and carried all the loot back to the tower. Among the items acquired were spiritual and superior herbs, primitive beasts, and other valuable things.

"Hey! How dare you!

Stop!" one of the followers shouted.

"You... Thief!

Stop this instance!"

Belinda's three followers froze as their faces turned pale.

However, all of them were seriously injured. How could they stop them?

In a short period of time, everything valuable on Belinda's mountain was taken away.

"You... You are too cruel, bastard!"

Belinda's three followers felt like weeping but had no tears left to cry.

Although she was in seclusion, they could only imagine what Belinda would do to them after she found out about the burglary.

"Well, since this Belinda is so detestable, I would like to leave her a gift,"

Austin said as he came up with another idea.

He then waved his hand on the mountain peak, and an open flame flew out of his finger. It was the Scorching Evil Fire. In a blink of an eye, the whole mountain burned aggressively

The fire devoured the whole mountain within minutes.

After a while, the fire gradually diminished. The spiritual mountain, which used to be beautiful and full of spiritual energy, became bald. There was scorching charcoal and thick smoke rising everywhere.

Of course, the cave on the mountain was protected by powerful magic arrays so it was not affected at all.

"It's over. It's all over now..."

Belinda's three followers murmured. They stared at the bald mountain blankly, shocked at what they had witnessed.

"Now, take me to Larry's place,"

Austin said to the five men.


Two of the men were Larry's followers. They were frightened to tell Austin where Larry was cultivating.

But Austin's strength had scared them. In the end, they took Austin to the mountain where Larry lived and cultivated.

Larry was also a new student of the Blue Dragon School. For the remaining two days, he intended to practice a secret martial art in seclusion to enhance his power.

He also recently sent people to assassinate Austin. As a comeback, Austin wanted to make sure Larry regretted what he had done

n any way.

All of them were principal members of a prominent student organization in the academy—the Universe Sect.

The Universe Sect!

In the Blue Dragon School, this organization was well-known for its esteemed founder and charter member, the legendary Leonard.

In the four major schools, competition between students was allowed, if not even encouraged.

A myriad of organizations and cliques were available for every student's choosing. Battles between these organizations occurred often and was quite normalized. Sometimes, people got seriously injured. Others died not having to finish their schooling.

In the Blue Dragon School, the Universe Sect was currently the most powerful organization of students.

Over the past few years, Leonard, the leader of the Universe Sect, and a few of the most skilled, elite students had left the Blue Dragon School to find both small and large worlds to cultivate their magic in seclusion.

While they were gone, the five principal members who were sitting in the hall were left to take charge of the Universe Sect.

Hearing Larry's followers' cries, the five principal members of the Universe Sect empathized with what they had gone through. They vowed to aid them in avenging Larry's name.

"Wow. I can't believe that.

Larry is just a new student, but he is already a principal member of our Universe Sect.

I didn't expect a mere follower of a new student to be this bold and assuming. How dare that neophyte provoke our member?! He shall pay,"

a tall young man with a shaggy back sneered.

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