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   Chapter 2017 It's Worth A Lot Of Money

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'I think the reason why Belinda is so mad at me is because I turned down her offer earlier today; that must be why she sent those people after me. It could also have been Larry. After all, the guy wants to impress Belinda and this seems an easy enough route.

Whatever the case, this whole deal must have something to do with at least one of those two.

Belinda is a vengeful character, '

Austin thought.

"Hey you, loser guy! Get your ass over here and follow me to Miss Shen. It would be in your best interest to silently accept the punishment she has planned for you.

And don't think about some monkey business. If we are forced to drag you, we will break your hands and feet first," one of the seven men shouted at Austin, threatening him with the dire consequences he would face if he did not comply.

His companions sneered at Austin.

"If that bitch really wants me so bad, she should drag her own ass over here,"

Austin replied calmly.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you! You're digging your own grave,"

The seven men were enraged at unscrupulous and merciless mention of Belinda's body. Two of them instantly released an overbearing vital energy force and dashed towards Austin simultaneously. They were both at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm, the same as Austin.

Even while dashing forwards, they must have been surprised to see that Austin stood still as they approached, watching them draw near with a faint smile playing on his lips.

"This brat is so timid. He's been scared out of his wits!"

Seeing him immobile, the two men who were rushing over thought that Austin was scared witless and burst into laughter.


Austin shook his head defiantly.

All of a sudden, he stretched out his hands. His arms then enlarged and became as thick as an entire dragon. He caught the two cultivators in his now gigantic palms and lifted them high into the sky.

The next second, Bang! Austin had thrown his captives hard against the ground.

Hurt as if they had been thrown down from a fifty story building, the two men began spitting blood.

The remaining cultivators were shocked by what had just happened, including Kimberly's three followers. They stared at Austin in terror.

"You come over here!"

Austin stretched out his hands and used the same move once again. In a split second, he had caught the remaining five men too and slammed them hard on the ground.

The five unfortunate cultivators fell down with a dul


As a mere follower, does he have the nerve to get a formal student into trouble?" one of Kimberly's followers asked in a rattled voice.

This was a pretty girl, about 23 or 24 years old.

"I have a bad feeling about this. I think this guy is going to get our master in trouble," the other girl said worriedly.

She had a plump figure and wore pastel blue clothes.

"I think this Martin person is a trouble maker. I really don't understand why our master would choose him," the male follower snorted.

He didn't like Austin at all.

By that time, Austin had already arrived at the entrance to the cave where Belinda was cultivating.

The environment of the mountain where she lived was very slightly poorer as compared to Kimberly's.

Other than a few things, there was the same dense spiritual energy, with countless spiritual herbs, superior herbs and plenty of primitive beasts roaming around the place.

The door of the cave was closed. Belinda didn't want to be disturbed, obviously.

A powerful array was located at the entrance to her cave. This was a special object that could isolate cultivators inside from every single thing that was going on in the outside world. As long as they activated it, even thunderstorms and earthquakes would have no effects inside.

"Ha-ha! Good! It's worth a lot of money!"

Austin looked at the herbs and beasts on the mountain in excitement. He had hit jackpot!

"What... What are you going to do? Don't do anything stupid!" one of Belinda's followers hissed at Austin. What was the man thinking!

Truth was, the follower had felt a bad vibe as soon as he saw the look on Austin's face.

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