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   Chapter 2015 The Exceptional Cultivation Cave (Part Two)

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Still, you should not have offended me, brat, and now, I am telling you that you just asked for your doom.

Mark my words. I won't spare you!" She then turned around and walked angrily away.

With Emily out of sight, Kimberly and Stacy let out their laughs. After their laughter died down, Kimberly turned to Austin.

"So, Martin, why did you offer to be Stacy's follower? Surely, there must be a reason," she asked out of curiosity, "Oh, well, to be honest, I'm from the East Mainland, and I have met Miss Ren before. That's why I want to be her follower,"

Austin replied at once.

"Oh, I see! No wonder you act like you knew her!"

Kimberly responded while slowly nodding her head.

Stacy looked at Austin carefully. 'He is from the East Mainland? He met me before?'

As she thought about the people she had encountered and met, she could not remember anyone named Martin Xiao. 'A strong body refiner from the East Mainland who had met me before?' Once more, the similarity made her think about Austin again.

Satisfied, Kimberly led Austin and her three other followers back to her dwelling.

Her dwelling place was perched on top of a beautiful hill, and this was where she also cultivated.

The hill was full of densely packed trees and covered with fog that was formed by the spiritual energy that loomed around the area.

Austin looked around and noticed that the hill was abundant of spiritual and even superior herbs. Despite the fog, he saw them clearly in the woods and under huge stones. Around these herbs, purple smoke enveloped them, which made them even more sacred.

The Blue Dragon School occupied a wide and vast area, enough to have countless of beautiful mountains with one student dwelling in each of them.

It was no won

so many young people in the entire Divine Continent dream of being admitted to this school.

As far as I know, no sect or clan could provide their disciples with such cultivation resources; maybe even those ancient sects and clans in the Middle Pilgrim Land could not afford it, ' he thought in awe.

"Well, that's it. This cave is mine and it's where I cultivate.

But rest assured. I will allow you all to cultivate here sometimes," Kimberly said to her followers.

Although she did not smile and looked really intimidating, she was genuinely nice to them. She wasn't mean or aloof and held the thought that she was the master and the rest of them were her servants. She was even willing to share her cultivation resources with them.

Hearing that, the four followers were surprised and at the same time happy and excited. Cultivating in such a great place would be easier for them to develop and progress. How lucky they were to be followers of such a nice lady!

They felt fortunate enough to have a master like Kimberly, who was very generous in allowing them to cultivate in her cave instead of guarding her outside it. Truly, people like Kimberly still did exist.

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