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   Chapter 2014 The Exceptional Cultivation Cave (Part One)

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In the front area, Kimberly and Stacy led the way and whispered to each other.

From time to time, Stacy turned her head to look at Austin with curiosity.

She furrowed her eyebrows and wondered, 'I've never seen this one before, and I'm certain that this guy does not know me. Why did he just ask to be my follow all of a sudden and for no reason? This is so strange.'

Kimberly followed Stacy's eyes and even she was a little curious about Austin.

"Hey, I did not get your name yet," she said.

Austin looked at both of them. He was aware that he had left a deep impression on the two girls. It was most probably due to what he had done a few moments ago that piqued their curiosity even more.

Austin then cleared his throat and replied curtly in a casual manner, "I'm Martin Xiao."

Hearing his tone, Kimberly couldn't help turning her eyebrows into a frown. 'Did he just talk to me too casually? He's just my servant, so he should know better and act humbly. Isn't he aware that I'm his master?'

Thinking about the same thing, Kimberly's other three followers turned to Austin with a glare.

As for Stacy, she could not help but feel her heart skipping a beat.

Hearing the name of the follower in front of her greatly reminded her of Austin.

Because of this, she could not help but stare at Austin in such a way that it would not look obvious and strange.

Austin felt Stacey's stare at him despite her efforts of making it unnoticeable. However, he was confident that he was better at the Aura Disguising Skill, so there was no way that she would be able to see through his disguise.

One lively girl suddenly reached them in the blink of an eye.

She moved closer to Kimberly and whispered, "Look, Kimberly, your follower seems pretty interesting. He d

ly and said, "Kimberly, kick him out at once! You don't need a rude servant!"

Emily huffed. She was a decent and good-looking young girl. In fact, many excellent male students in the Blue Dragon School went to great lengths just to get near her and impress her. She expected the same thing with Austin, but she was wrong.

Kimberly and Stacy exchanged glances and were amused by the scene in front of them. They covered their mouths and tried hard to hold back the laughter that's threatening to be heard.

Kimberly composed herself, and in a flat tone, she replied, "Take it easy, Miss Luo. I told you to just let it go. He is just a servant after all."

Kimberly was not scared to go against Emily. After all, she was not close to her, and the only thing keeping them on the same level was the fact that they both came from influential forces. Moreover, she chose Austin, so she would not kick him out just because Emily told her to.

Emily's eyes widened in frustration at Kimberly's decision to let Austin stay. Then again, she could not do anything but clench her fist and gnash her teeth. She turned to Austin once more and said, "You, you're just lucky that you are under Kimberly.

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