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   Chapter 2013 Entering The Blue Dragon School

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Belinda couldn't help but feel a little angry. She didn't expected that the guy in front of her would refuse her, especially in such a cold tone.

The rest of the people in the square were also dumbfounded.

"What's wrong with this guy? Such a beautiful girl asked him to be her follower!

Instead of being grateful, he refused her coldly!" one of the people whispered to another.

"Didn't this guy come here to be a follower?" another asked.

"How dare you!

What's wrong with you?

I think you just came here to make trouble!"

Larry, standing next to Belinda, flew into a rage.

"If I want you to be my follower, will you agree?"

There came a soft voice. Her gentle tone immediately grabbed everyone's attention.

Everyone turned to the woman speaking. Her face was covered with a veil and her temperament was as ethereal as a fairy's.


The crowd gasped with astonishment.

They recognized the woman to be Kimberly, who was known to be a noble princess.

As a noble princess, she took the initiative to recruit the boy to be her follower. What an honor!

The princess' offer to Austin made the people in the square, including the male students of the Blue Dragon School, feel envious of him.

"Ha-ha! Interesting.

Hey, boy, I also want you to be my follower. What do you think?"

another woman, with a laughter that was as enchanting as her voice, spoke up. She also had the beauty of a fairy.

Everyone turned to see the woman that had such a sweet voice. They all gasped collectively, shocked.

More whispers came from the crowd. Men looked at Austin with increasing jealousy.

The woman who spoke was actually Emily!

"Cut the crap. Follow me, brat. I will pay you handsomely,"

a handsome young man wearing white chimed in.

It was the talented disciple of the Spring Sect, Herman!

Soon enough, a couple of new trainees of the Blue Dragon School with impressive backgrounds also wanted to take Austin in as their follower.

Austin immediately turned into a popular star, whom all the young trainees wanted to recruit.

People gradually realized that Austin's behavior must have attracted the attention of the students of the Blue Dragon School.

After all, these cadets were proud

ment ago.

Stacy was pleased with the girl's integrity and self-respect as she would not trade her body for benefits.

The other students of the Blue Dragon School went around and selected their own followers.

Belinda also selected about four to five followers.

However, she still gave Austin a cold glare.

She was the first one to ask Austin to join her and he refused her offer without any hesitation. She felt embarrassed by his merciless rejection.

Finally, the students of the Blue Dragon School ended the selection of followers.

They all then returned to the Blue Dragon School.

"Let's go,"

Kimberly said to her four new followers.

Austin and the other three followers followed her behind.

Stacy soon joined Kimberly's group together with her two followers.

Many ancient pine trees, like many ancient beasts, were dormant in the darkness. Their branches almost touched the ground as they grew on both sides of the gate of the Blue Dragon School.

These ancient trees were over one hundred thousand years old, showing the extremely long history of the Blue Dragon School.

Austin saw mountains in succession as he entered the school. Some of them were all dark; some emitted red light; and some were steaming purple. Despite the differences in their color, they all contained the rich essence of heaven and earth.

This was the ideal place for cultivation!

Austin couldn't help but let out a sigh. He had not expected to enter the Blue Dragon School in this way.

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