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   Chapter 2012 I Am Not Interested

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When the male student finished his words, those people around him were also eager to give it a try.

Those cultivators at Major-perfection Realm were all staring at Austin viciously.

This was a good chance for them to become followers and enter the Blue Dragon School.

"Scum! How dare a low life like you speak against a disciple of the Blue Dragon School.

I will make sure that you will learn your lesson!"

A man with a shaggy beard with the strength at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm immediately rushed towards Austin.

The man was very strong and had a towering height of more than two meters. He looked down at Austin with a murderous will. Then the next instant, his entire right arm burst into a purple light.


His fist suddenly expanded and transformed into a purple giant tiger. It rushed over, then waved its claws, and roared baring its teeth.

Waves of fierce vital energy force storm rose in the field, and its strong pressure swept towards Austin that blew his clothes.

Those weak people that surrounded them immediately retreated with their faces that turned pale due to the intense pressure of the horrifying vital energy force.

"No wonder he is very powerful. He is a disciple from the Vital Energy Valley, and their martial arts skill is special. This guy can practice physical strength and vital energy martial arts skills at the same time,"

someone around immediately revealed the identity of this burly man.

Austin was unfazed.

The burly man's strength didn't bother him.

Austin didn't dodge the attack and just hit back with his fist without using his vital energy force.

His punch seemed insignificant compared to the towering purple tiger.

"Ha-ha! Seriously? Young man, you think you can block my attack with just your mere physical strength!

You think too highly of yourself!"

The bulky man laughed out loud. He suddenly became excited because once he killed Austin, he would be the follower of that student, and that meant he would finally have the chance to enter Blue Dragon School.

His main goal was not just to be a follower but to become an official student of the Blue Dragon School.

The opportunity was now in his hands.

Most of the crowd that was watching thought that the burly man had won.

The punch that Austin threw was very ordinary. It did not show any power.

Most of the spectators couldn't help but shook their heads and felt bad for Austin.

Austin gained the people's sympathy when he protected the girl in pink a while ago. Many people found him admirable and secretly applauded him. But they didn't expect that he would be killed over it in such a short time.

n of light and blew out. White flowers emerged one by one and spun rapidly towards Austin.

Although her action seemed gentle, there was a murderous intent hidden on it.

Austin gave a cold smile. Like what he did with the previous attacks, he also didn't dodge. He released his physical strength and allowed the light rain and white flowers to hit him.


Austin moved and quickly punched the girl in white.


The girl in white was thrown into the air. Blood spurted from her body and stained her beautiful white clothes.

It was another win for Austin!

The whole square suddenly turned silent.

Austin's power was astounding.

He defeated his opponents regardless of their strength. From the cultivator at the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm to someone who was at the medium stage of Major-perfection Realm and even the one at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm.

After they witnessed Austin's power, nobody dared to challenge him.


The male student from the Blue Dragon School was very scared of Austin's strength. His face suddenly turned ashen.

It was tough to enter the four major schools. The recruitment for their new students was based on their talent and not on their temporary vital energy realm and fighting capability.

Many disciples of the Blue Dragon School were scared by Austin's powerful performance. They were afraid that they might not be able to withstand his attack.

"You're really good.

You are now qualified to be my follower.

Come and follow me," a woman with slim body said.

The woman was Belinda.

Austin was stunned by the sudden offer.

"Sorry, I'm not interested,"

Without any hesitation, Austin refused it coldly.


Everyone in the square was in shock, again.

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