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   Chapter 2010 The Selection

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The crowd in the square waited anxiously for four hours.

Finally, the long wait was over.

"Look, the new students are finally here."

"Yes, that's them!"

"Alas! I have been waiting here every day during this whole period. I hope I can be chosen today."

The crowd began to whisper to each other excitedly.

As expected, a group of students came out from the gate of the Blue Dragon School.

Each of them had an extraordinary temperament and astonishing aura. Obviously, their combat skills must be very strong.

It was known to everyone that the students who were able to enter the four major schools were the most talented ones in the five regions of the Divine Continent.

"I've been trying to choose for more than half a month now but I still haven't found any followers that meet my expectations. For me, they are all rubbish," complained a young man in a green robe.

He was shaking his head as he looked around the crowd.

There was disappointment in his eyes.

He was a slender man who was glimmering with vital energy. The vital energy around him looked like water waves that flowed all over his body.

This young man seemed to be in the kingdom of water. Apparently, he had practiced some kind of powerful secret skills.

Those in the square heard what the young man had said.

Although they were all eager to become followers and they couldn't agree with the young man's statement, no one dared to contradict him.

Everyone knew that the male student in a green robe was very powerful. They could never afford to provoke him.

More and more students came out of the Blue Dragon School. There were at least two or three hundred of them at this time. They were all new students who came out to pick some followers.

The Blue Dragon School had actually stipulated that every student could enter the school with at least a few followers.

The young people who had been waiting in the square rushed forward at once. They were all eager to become followers so they tried their best to release their vital energy force in high spirits. They were hoping that through their amazing skills, they would stand out from the crowd and the new students would notice them.

Austin squeezed through the crowd and looked around. Soon, he saw many new students from the East Mainland.

Stacy Ren!

Austin's eyes were fixed on a beautiful female

iful girl in the world.

"Emily is the disciple of a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm in the Moon Palace."

"Yes, that's right. And it is also said that the great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm adores her so much. That's why she holds a high status. She is not an ordinary girl."

"No wonder the great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm adores her. She's really beautiful and fragrant!"

The crowd were all talking and commenting in a low voice as they stared at the girl who was coming closer to them.

Emily really caused a sensation. She became the focus of everyone's attention.

But why not? After all, she was a disciple of a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm. Her status was quite high.

Just like the other new students, Emily was also there to choose her followers. She looked around the crowd as well.

"Ha-ha! I choose you to become my follower. Come here, lucky girl!"

All of a sudden, a man with a pair of amorous and frivolous eyes spoke up.

He was looking at the woman beside Austin with a strong desire in his eyes.

The woman was beautiful and elegant.

She was also tall and slim. She looked quite outstanding.

"Huh?" the woman exclaimed in surprise.

A panic expression suddenly appeared on her face. "I... I... I want to be a follower of a female student," she stuttered.

Instead of feeling joyful, the woman beside Austin cried when she was chosen.

She took a few steps back and hid behind Austin.

Everyone was so surprised when they realized that she was refusing an invitation.

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