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   Chapter 2009 Assassins

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Austin rendered himself invisible instantly, and also silenced his breath so that the five cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm couldn't sense his presence at all.

He himself, however, could clearly perceive them.

'How dare these losers try to take me on? The very idea is ridiculous!'

Austin thought with a sneer.

He hadn't attacked instantly since he wanted to find out who these assassins were.

Something seemed to be telling him that they hadn't been sent by the powerful sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land. Those sects could have spared more powerful cultivators for the job.

"Fuck this! What's going on?

Did that brat somehow find out we were coming and escaped? Loser!"

"That is a possibility at the least. But I can sense that he was here only moments ago; he can't have gotten far, can he?

Let's go catch him!"

The five men split up and dashed out of the room.

That was their second mistake. The first was coming after Austin.

While they were searching for their target in different places across town, Austin had also left the room and at the moment, with the Infernal Sword in his hand, he was gaining on one of assassins.

It had been several years since he had started to cultivate the Infernal Scripture. Time and practice had allowed him to master all the skills one would need to assassinate someone.

Under the cold moonlight, as the man looked around, a long, white sword suddenly popped out of thin air.

It swiped at the man's head.

And the cultivator fell down immediately, blood gushing out of his neck.

Fear was written all over his face, even in death.

"Something is going on over there!"

The other four assassins immediately sensed the precarious situation of their companion and rushed towards his location immediately.

They were all at the age of around twenty-five.

"Dammit! Must be the guy we are looking for!"

"There he... Hell no! Eugene is dead!"

The four men reached Austin's location immediately and surrounded him.

"Looking for me?"

Austin sneered at the four men with a playful smile on his lips. The white Infernal Sword in his hand was now crimson and dripping with blood.

"Brat, you killed Eugene, didn't you?"

one of the men shouted at Austin harshly.

Though young, all four of these men were a

nergy inside the school. It looks like a paradise.

If I could somehow get in, I could progress so much faster and not have to worry about blockheads."

"You know what? I've heard that there are more than a dozen Spiritual Energy Gathering Arrays on the other side of those doors. That's what makes the spiritual energy in there so dense.

The school easily has a ten times denser spiritual energy than the outside world."

"Is that so? Damn! What I wouldn't give to be chosen as a follower..."

People around Austin kept talking about the place as if going there were their life's goal.

"I hope I get in and a girl in there chooses me.

I've heard the girls in the Blue Dragon School are stunning.

I mean, they are talented and pretty at the same time. If I can get a chance to cultivate with them, I will be the happiest man in the world!"

a young man wished hopefully.

"Hey, buddy, you'd better look in the mirror first.

You're going to scare the hell out of them with that face of yours!"

another young man laughed at him.

"To hell with you and your ideas, Dumbo!

Do you wanna go a couple of rounds right now?" the first one roared furiously, glaring at the man who had teased him just now.

His speckles had been troubling him for quite a while now, and this man making fun of him did not help.

"Why haven't those students turned up? I've been waiting for them for more than two hours now!"

someone complained.

The whole square of the Blue Dragon School looked like a fish market at the moment.

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