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   Chapter 2008 The Followers

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"Damn it! I would rather not to go to the Blue Dragon School. I may as well go back to the East Mainland directly.

I can also improve in my cultivation by myself."

As Austin recalled what had happened just now, his affection for the Blue Dragon School decreased dramatically.

"Master, as the last master mentioned, you have to join one of the four schools as a candidate for Protector. This will give you chance to face a wider world at a much higher level.

The four schools mean more than offering better resources for cultivation.

They actually serve as a springboard.

So, master, you will still have to find a way to enroll in one of the four schools.

Just think of it as part of your training,"

Brady explained patiently to Austin.


I'll find another way."

Austin sighed with profound resignation.

In Austin's honest opinion, he should have left earlier.

But now he had no choice but to obey Master Kevin's order.

At that time, Austin was in a small town near the Blue Dragon School.

The town was small but it had a lively atmosphere.

The town was packed with people.

Most of the people were young men and women.

Austin walked around the crowded town and noticed that there were dozens of inns. It seemed that inns were a popular business in town.

Austin decided to go in one of the inns.

"Good day, sir," a shop assistant greeted.

"Are you one of the followers of the new trainees of the Blue Dragon School?

Almost all the young people gathered in this town are dreaming to be followers,"

the shop assistant said as he approached Austin with a flattering smile.

"The follower of the new trainees?

What is a follower?"

Austin asked curiously.

"Really? Sir, you don't know about followers? I'm sorry. I was mistaken,"

the shop assistant said.

Austin took out more than a hundred divine vital energy crystals and gave them to the attendant. He inquired again in detail and the shop assistant was more than happy to oblige.

It seemed that every student was allowed to enter the school with a certain number of servants and maids to cultivate with them.

The main function of these servants and maids was to serve the students in their daily lives, practices, and oth

s will. As long as there was a murderous will nearby, he could sense it immediately no matter how weak it was.

'These five people must have come here to kill me.

It's weird that five cultivators are at Major-perfection Realm, ' he thought to himself.

"If the old sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land want to murder me, they would have sent the masters at Heavenly Grotto Realm to do it. They are aware of how difficult it is for the cultivators at Major-perfection Realm to kill me," Austin whispered.

"So, who on earth sent these five cultivators at Major-perfection Realm?"

Austin asked himself, confused. His spiritual sense perceived the five people hiding outside the room and couldn't help but feel a strange feeling about the current situation.

Just as Austin was wondering, the five men outside the room had rushed in through the windows and doors respectively.

Austin quickly used the bodily movement skill that he mastered by himself and his figure disappeared in an instant.

At the same time, he also activated the Aura Disguising Skill to cover both of his trace and breath.

It was another use of the Aura Disguising Skill. It could maximize the cover and escape from detection. It would look like no one was even there.

"Where is that brat?

I felt his presence inside this room just seconds ago.

Where on earth did he go?"

The five men rushed into the empty room. Their faces painted with looks of surprise and confusion as they realized that no one was inside but them.

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