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   Chapter 2007 The Villain

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"Sir, please listen to me. I am the new student of the Blue Dragon School. I'm here to register,"

Austin said respectfully to the two middle-aged men in front of him. He knew he had to be careful and control his anger in this case.

Through his spiritual sense, he had already noticed the treachery made by Larry. He knew that the two middle-aged men who guarded the gate had already received favors and gifts from Larry, and that would make it difficult for him to enter the school.

"What a shameless loser!

Austin, you claim to be the new student of our Blue Dragon School.

Let me ask you. What score did you get in the talent test for new students from the East Mainland? What was your ranking again?

From what I know, you are not even in the top four hundred at all. With such a low level talent, how can you claim that you are a new student of our Blue Dragon School?

Humph! I feel ashamed of you!"

Belinda asked Austin harshly, shaking her head.

"That's enough, Belinda!

It's none of your business!

I warn you; don't provoke me, or it would be impossible even for your family to rescue you AGAIN!"

Austin could not stand the mocking anymore and shouted at her wanting to embarrass her back. His eyes stared at her coldly.

Belinda was taken aback as she saw the murderous look on Austin's face. She felt the intensity of Austin's glare, like a ferocious beast eyeing his next meal. She was terrified and shrank behind Larry, not daring to say anything more.

Although she hated Austin very much, she was also afraid of Austin's strength and capabilities.

She knew that he was famous in the East Mainland for his cruelty. The younger generation of the entire East Mainland was afraid of him.

The two middle-aged men heard Belinda and turned their heads towards Austin. They examined him from head to foot, as ideas ran through their minds at the same time.

'Is this guy here to cheat us?' the two men asked themselves.

"You said you're the new student in our Blue Dragon School, tell me, what is your rank in the recruitment test of the four schools?

Every new student's rank is recorded in our school. Just tell me, and I will check it,"

the middle-aged ma

a! Don't worry. A loser from the East Mainland means nothing to me.

Besides, I don't have to do it myself.

Humph! That bastard does not deserve a moment of my time!

Don't worry, Belinda. I will help you teach him a lesson he could never forget.

Wait for my good news."

Larry winked, then smiled at Belinda.

Right away, Larry took out a Contact Jade Slip and sent out a message using his spiritual sense.

"Thank you for that, Larry."

Belinda made another bow and smiled sweetly.

It had been almost a month since she came to the Blue Dragon School. She knew that the man in front of her was the principal member of a powerful sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land.

They said that he even had a strong benefactor in the school.

He was also good looking and very talented.

This made him one of the big shots in the Blue Dragon School. He got to control things and even order people around.

With this in mind, Belinda befriended him and made sure he was attracted to her. She had hope of using him, his power and connections to advance her own power. He was an important part of her future development.

Meanwhile, Austin had left the gate of the Blue Dragon School and arrived at a small town nearby.

"Damn it! What bad luck!

I knew there was very little hope to enter the school. But of all people, I met the villain, Belinda.

Humph! Don't let our path cross again!"

Austin said through gritted teeth, feeling down and disappointed.

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