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   Chapter 2006 Encounter With Belinda

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However, just as Austin was about to enter the gate, a handsome man and a beautiful woman appeared in the square nearby. They looked so intimate with each other. One could say that they were a lovely couple.

The woman was very beautiful. She had a smooth skin and a graceful body. She was glowing like a moonlight in the dark. She looked so sacred and heavenly.

Meanwhile, the man beside her was tall and handsome. The silky black hair that fell over his shoulder made him looked unruly.

They were walking together so they attracted almost everyone's attention.

"Look! It's Larry. He belongs to one of the most ancient noble clans in the Middle Pilgrim Land. He is the genius of the Yuwen Clan."

"I think that beautiful woman beside him is Belinda Shen. I heard some rumors that Larry has been chasing a new student from the East Mainland recently and her name is Belinda Shen. That must be her."

"They look very close to each other."

"Yes, that's true. Everyone in our school already knows about them."

"It is said that Belinda is from a noble clan in the East Mainland. However, her clan is nothing compared to the Yuwen Clan."

"Oh, really? So that girl is really something. Imagine, she managed to hook up with Larry in just a short period of time."

"But we cannot deny the fact that Belinda is also a great beauty. She can actually match the four recognized beauties in our school."

"Bah! Larry is also a big shot in our Blue Dragon School."

"That's right! Especially that his elder brother, Leonard, is the principal student of our school."

"Oh, Leonard is also as handsome as Larry. They are brothers indeed!"

"But it is said that Leonard has been going through trials in all kinds of secret lands over the years. That's why he seldom comes back to the Divine Continent."

"Well, the bottom line is those two brothers have attracted a lot of attention in our school."

While looking at the beautiful couple, the other students around exchanged views and opinions. They couldn't help but feel envious.

Based on their conversation, it turned out that this handsome man was Larry. He was a genius student of the Blue Dragon School.

The girl was Belinda Shen of the Shen Clan. It was one of the three noble clans in the East Mainland.

At the moment, Austin had already entered the gate of the school.

"Stop!" shouted someone suddenly.

Austin looked around to find the owner of the voice and he saw a middle-aged man at the left side of the gate. He was sitting with his eyes closed. However, his eyes opened suddenly when he felt Austin's presence. Now, he was staring at Austin with a sharp gaze.

"Who are you?" asked the middle-aged man in a powerful voice.

In just one glance, he was able to immediately identify that Austin was not a

't you know that you are talking to a disciple of the Blue Dragon School? How dare you threaten her in public? You must be courting death!" shouted Larry.

"Sir, this guy definitely has a wicked intention here. As you have seen it, he treated us rudely. He even tried to threaten this girl in public. Please expel him immediately. He should not be allowed to come close to our Blue Dragon School."

Larry tried to destroy Austin's image in front of the two school guards. He thought that it was enough to convince them to throw Austin out of the gate.

The two middle-aged men exchanged glances. Obviously, they knew that Larry was really targeting Austin deliberately.

They knew that they should not be biased but they also knew who was backing Larry in the Blue Dragon School. They couldn't afford to offend the force behind him.

Moreover, Larry secretly waved his hand and two Space Rings flew out into the hands of the two middle-aged men respectively.

The two middle-aged men took the Space Rings and were delighted when they sensed something interesting in them.

This time, the middle-aged man at the left gate faced Austin.

"Brat, no matter who you are, you should have not threatened our disciples openly in front of the gate. As you know, they are students of the Blue Dragon School while you are just a stranger. Because of what you have done, I can't allow you to enter our school. We don't accept rude people here. You can leave now. Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite," he said coldly.

Apparently, this middle-aged school guard gave in to Larry's bribe.

Austin didn't say anything. He just stared at the middle-aged man then shift his gaze to the middle-aged man on the right side of the gate.

Unfortunately, the middle-aged man on the right also looked at him coldly. Needless to say, he was also bribed by Larry.

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