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   Chapter 2005 Arriving At The Blue Dragon School

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After Austin killed the four masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, he went to the nearby Luna City and entered its teleportation array.

The Middle Pilgrim Land was too vast. Austin had to spend a lot of crystals on the teleportation arrays if he wanted to reach the Blue Dragon School as soon as possible.

"Master, I think there is something wrong.

The situation is quite weird. Think about it. You just reached the Middle Pilgrim Land today, and you haven't even signed up at the Blue Dragon School.

There is no way for those people from ancient and influential sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land to know that you are here.

However, they did not only know that you have reached the Middle Pilgrim Land they can also accurately locate your location.

It's not just a coincidence. Something is definitely not right,"

Brady said to Austin who was on his way to the Blue Dragon School.

"Yeah, something seems to be off!"

Austin responded.

He was an intelligent person. He immediately realized that something was not right.

"Now that I think about it, there is only one person who knows about your arrival in the Middle Pilgrim Land,"

Brady said slowly.

"It must be that skinny old man who was guarding the teleportation array in the Jade City," he continued.

Austin agreed with Brady. What he said made sense.

"Damn it! It must be that old man.

He must have informed those people from the old, top-notch sects the moment I reached the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Then, these ancient sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land immediately sent their people to kill me.

Humph! I will definitely not let this go. Once I have the time, I'll find a chance to teach that old man a lesson."

Austin was furious.

"Master, since they can still locate you, I think that old man must have secretly left some mark on you,"

said Brady.

Brady's words shocked Austin.

He immediately entered the Slave Tower.

Moments later, Brady found a profound, unnoticeable spiritual sense mark on Austin.


rlier. I hope I can still enter the Blue Dragon School,"

Austin murmured.

Without wasting any more time, Austin flew towards the gate of the Blue Dragon School.

Many handsome and beautiful people came in and out of the school gates, all of them exuding a powerful vibe.

All the students of the Blue Dragon School were the most talented young cultivators in the Divine Continent.

These students represented the finest cultivators of the younger generation in the Divine Continent in terms of their vital energy realm or real strength.

The school had a huge square in front of its gate.

Austin stood in front of it and observed his surroundings.

He saw two middle-aged men guarding the school. They were sitting cross-legged on the stone piers on both sides of the gate.

Every student who would pass through the gate must show their jade badge to the two middle-aged men.

'So only those with jade badges are allowed to enter or leave the school.

I don't have the jade badge since I haven't registered yet. I wonder if they will let me in?

Well, I will just explain my situation with the two guards.

Hopefully, they will let me in, ' Austin thought.

Then he walked towards the gate of the school.

Austin was no longer in disguise.

The Blue Dragon School would not accept him if he pretended to be someone else.

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