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   Chapter 2004 The Strong Smell Of Blood (Part Two)

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As the master kept his focus on Austin's attacks, he did not notice what happened next.

Using the fastest speed he could muster, Brady transformed himself into a giant black bird. Then, he dove next to the master covered in blue light.


In one swift attempt, the giant bird grabbed the body of the cultivator using its horrible claws.

"Brat, this is unfair! You have a helper!

This is so despicable! Let me down!"

the master could not help but scream desperately in horror.

"Ah!" he shouted as he felt the sharp claws on his flesh.

As soon as he let out an ear-piercing scream, the giant bird instantly scratched the body. Blood endlessly and quickly poured out of the body like a coursing river. Not a second more, the master was now turned into a corpse.

With another quick motion of his hand, Austin directly took the master's Space Ring.

As soon as Brady turned himself back into a man, both him and Austin entered the chaotic void once more.


With a heavy feeling in their chests, two extremely fast figures appeared in this space.

The man covered in white light sensed something bad. He looked at the other master with a sullen look and said, "Something is wrong, definitely wrong!"

The master, hiding in the flying boat, nodded with a serious face and replied, "Yes, yes. There's a strong smell of blood in here. Someone was surely killed here!"

"Hmm, whatever happened is not our problem.

We still have a guy to find!"

Without waiting for a reply, he then moved towards another direction nearby to begin his search.

The other master turned around and looked in another direction.

Not a minute longer, Austin immediately appeared behind the master covered in white light.

Without a sound, he

he man directed the energy to Austin, striking him to block all of his attacks.

However, Brady once more appeared out of nowhere and launched a sneak attack on the middle-aged man.

Like all the other three masters, the middle-aged man had sensed Brady but was not prepared to dodge and save himself, so soon after, the master, who had hidden himself in the flying boat, also suffered the same fate on Brady's claws.

The four cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm had all been killed in a bloodbath, and the last thing they saw was Austin's sinister smile.

Austin grabbed the fourth Space Ring and took them out to examine.

"Indeed, the four masters were from the major sects in the Middle Pilgrim Land. They were from the Unworldly Sect, the Heavenly Mysterious Sect, the Black Inferno Sect, and the Nether Sect. Sad they had to suffer a gory death,"

he said to himself as he stared at the four identity tokens coldly.

Then, he heaved a deep sigh and stored the Space Rings away.

"Very well, I'll have my revenge one day."

Austin took one last look around before he took out the Thunder Canoe, turned into a beam of light, and left as quickly as he could.

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