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   Chapter 2003 The Strong Smell Of Blood (Part One)

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Brady immediately transformed into a giant dark bird. The bird spread its pair of huge wings that were like two sharp blades and smoothly cut the void apart. With the strong flap of its wings, it dove to the black shadow ferociously.

As the endless dark energy surged, the black shadow was overwhelmed.

It was still flustered and trying to recover from Austin's several fierce and violent attacks.

Seeing the unexpected sneak attack from Brady froze the shadow on its place, completely horrified.

After all, Brady was more powerful than him in the first place. Anyone who would be attacked without any warning would totally panic in dismay.


Before the shadow could swerve and save itself, a giant wing heavily hit through the black shadow.


The shadow flew from the impact and could not help but cough by the hit. His eyes went wide as soon as he discerned the metallic taste on his mouth as blood. Realizing that there was no way he could win this battle, the shadow began to fly away in attempt to escape.


However, the giant bird wasn't ever going to let him go and quickly caught up with the shadow.


This time, Brady used his horrible claws to attack the black shadow.

"Ahh!" The shadow could not help but scream.

The screams turned into a horrific shout of pain as half of the black figure's body was completely shattered to the point where flesh began to splash out from above.


Without further ado, the giant bird stretched out its huge claws once more and grabbed the black shadow's head before it fell to the ground and satisfyingly squashed it, turning the remnants of its body into a blood mist.

Watching the bloodbath, Austin's eyes and mouth gaped wide open in surprise. As the red mist splattered onto the ground, he completely witnessed the gruesome end of the master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm from the anc

cross and blew the space to pieces, causing several dark space cracks that continued to spread constantly.

As soon as the cracks spread wider, the Pot of Chaos instantly rushed out. It did not waste any time as it continued to enlarge and turned itself into a huge alchemy tripod, rumbling forward.

At the same time, standing over five meters high, the Spiritual Pot quickly attacked the Soul Sea of the master covered in blue light.

Satisfied, Austin then raised his hand to form an array of five sword auras of different colors.

The master's eyes went wide in shock. Austin had just unleashed four powerful attacks - the Dragon Formula, the Pot of Chaos, the Spiritual Pot, and the Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship - all at the same time!

Everything around them changed. The world turned darker. The clouds moved and clumped together in a fierce manner, and the sand and stones all flew in random directions. Even the space collapsed at the power of the four attacks.

"How dare you, lad!"

The man shouted, not expecting Austin to attack him directly.

Since every attack method was fierce on its own way, even as a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, he had a hard time dodging Austin's attacks. With one slow move, he knew he would be done for.

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