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   Chapter 2002 The Joint Fight

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"I know why this happened; it's because my strength is too weak!

If I were strong enough, no one would even think about trying to steal the Dragon Formula from me.

Looks like it is time for me to work harder and improve my cultivation base as soon as possible!"

Austin muttered, clenching his fists tightly.

As soon as he arrived in the Middle Pilgrim Land, he was surrounded and hunted down. This had made him more eager to improve his strength.

More worrying was the fact that now in the Middle Pilgrim Land, there were most likely a large number of masters who knew that he had the Dragon Formula.

Therefore, Austin came to the conclusion that his life in the Blue Dragon School was now going to be anything but peaceful.

"Brady, are you confident enough to defeat the four masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm?"

Austin asked Brady through his spiritual sense.

"The four people are very powerful indeed.

I am sure enough to kill at most one of them at a time. But it's going to be a different story if I have to take on all four of them altogether.

It's hard to say who would win if they all come at me together,"

Brady answered after thinking for a while.

"What if you launch sneak attacks against them, going after one at a time and not making yourself known?"

Austin suggested.

"Ha ha, that's a good idea. And yes, I'm confident that I can hurt each one of them badly in a few moves if I attack that way,"

Brady answered.

"Alright then. Let's work together and kill them one by one.

I will show up first and attract their attention. That would give you time.

After that, you teleport yourself out of the Slave Tower as suddenly as possible and launch a sneak attack. Try and go for the kill.

Humph! These famous sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land have really kicked the hornet's nest by provoking me. I need to teach them a lesson,"

Austin said, his eyes filled with a murderous will.

"Master, these four Heavenly Grotto Realm masters are very powerful.

Are you sure you want to do this? If you try to attract their attention, won't you be in danger?"

Brady asked with a little worry.

After all, all four of his enemies were from the ancient sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land. Their fighting powers were much stronger than common Heavenly Grotto Realm warriors of the three holy lands, or of the three big clans in the East Mainland.

"It doesn't matter.

They want to get the Dragon Formula so much.

I say we gi

y task.

Only by a single one of his move, Austin was wounded.

"Ha ha! Young man, I advise you to be sensible and stop your pointless struggles.

No matter how much you resist, the result is already pre-determined!"

the black figure told him with a sneer.


The black machete rushed towards Austin once again.

Austin waved his hand hurriedly, and the Pot of Chaos appeared right in front of him. Without further signals, it enlarged infinitely and turned into a huge tripod.

At the same time, using his spiritual sense, he ordered the Spiritual Pot, which was now as high as five meters, to rush out and attack the Soul Sea of the black figure in front of him.


The shadow of a gigantic dragon tail appeared, so large and powerful that it could have easily destroyed anything in this world. Meanwhile, the vital energy of a dragon flew around in all directions, suppressing everything on its way.

"Son of a bitch! You have chosen death!

Know what, since you're acting so stubborn, I won't show you any mercy!"

The black figure hadn't expected Austin to be so good at martial arts and have so many hidden weapons. For a moment, he was in a flurry, due to which, he lashed out in surprise and anger.

As soon as he finished his words, the weird atmosphere that was emanating from his black machete became even more terrifying.

The strong blade aura whizzed and rushed even more fiercely towards Austin.

At the same time, a huge black bird spread out its wings in the sky, appearing out of nowhere, and rushed towards the looming black figure with fierce momentum.

The giant black bird was none other than Brady.

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