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   Chapter 2001 One Of The Five Top Secret Skills

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"Damn it, cut the crap!

If you're really smart, you'd give me all the things that you have, including all the martial arts that you have received in the hall of inheritance of the Heavenly Immortal World last time.

This is your only chance of surviving today.


If you don't, I shall torture you to death!"

The shadowy figure snorted menacingly.

"There is one thing I really don't understand.

You are asking me to give you my belongings. What on earth do I have that attracts you so much?

All of you are masters from the ancient sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land. It simply isn't worth sending all of you here just to get an ordinary treasure,"

Austin said calmly in stark contrast with the shadowy figure.

"Ha-ha, boy, do you really not know it?

Well, this matter is known to many people, and is not a secret. I will let you die without regret,"

said the figure shrouded in blue light in wild laughter.

"Lad, the martial arts you got last time from the hall of inheritance in the Fallen Immortal World was the Dragon Formula, wasn't it?

According to legend, the Dragon Formula is one of the five top secret skills from ancient times.

So I advise you to hand over the Dragon Formula obediently.

You have to understand that keeping a treasure that your status and strength cannot match is equivalent to asking for your own death," the figure explained.

"Let's put it this way. The Dragon Formula is a top secret skill and ought to be studied by the great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm.

How long do you think you can live if you hold onto such a top secret skill?

If you're smart, you'd hand it over to us without resisting. Besides, you should keep a low profile in the future. Only this way can you stay alive.

Do you understand?"

the figure shrouded in blue light continued.

'It turns out, the Dragon Formula is one of the five top secret skills in legend!'

Austin was a little taken aback when he heard what the figure had said.

He had guessed that the Dragon Formula was a high-level skill.

He hadn't expected that it was actually that high.

If a great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm wanted to learn it, it was truly something special.

Austin had only used the Dragon Formula once. It was a

ace, he probably cannot travel a great distance.

I suggest the four of us work together and guard this area. I'm sure he can't escape so easily today,"

said the man in the flying boat.

"That's right."

The other three masters nodded.

Then, the four cultivators of the Heavenly Grotto Realm spread around the area. Each of them released their powerful spiritual sense to closely feel any sounds or movements around them.

At that point, Austin was still in the chaotic void.

"I never expected that the Dragon Formula was one of the five top secret skills from the ancient times.

No wonder its combat power is so fearsome!"

Austin murmured. This fact had never even crossed his mind.

A few days ago, Austin had used the Dragon Formula when he fought with Henry from the White Tiger School.

He didn't expect that Henry would be injured severely with just a single blow. He didn't even exert all his strength on that blow.

The power of the Dragon Formula was far beyond Austin's expectations. Nothing he had ever imagined could even come close to its true power.

'But as the four masters said, all the masters of the ancient sects and the four schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land now know that I have the Dragon Formula.

A lot of trouble is inevitably going to come up in the future.'

At the thought of that, his head ached involuntarily.

"This reminds me of an old saying; 'An innocent man is found guilty because of the treasure he owns',"

Austin sighed. His heart filled with mixed emotions.

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