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   Chapter 2000 Being Chased

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6351

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On the edge of the Middle Pilgrim Land, there was a large city called Jade City.

There was a super large teleportation array in the city.

This array was the main channel connecting the Middle Pilgrim Land and the East Mainland.

There was also a vast sea among the five regions of Divine Continent.

The sea was boundless. It was impossible for ordinary cultivators to cross it on their own. They could only rely on the super large teleportation array between the regions if they needed to travel through regions.

One day, the super huge teleportation array in the Jade City kept flashing, and the waves of array's spatial teleportation power spread across it.

Suddenly, a slender young man appeared in the array.

"Finally, I'm in the Middle Pilgrim Land!"

the young man exclaimed as he walked out of the teleportation array.

It was Austin.

Austin had set out from the Evil Valley of the Cloud Empire to the border of the East Mainland, where there was a super large teleportation array leading to another.

He was led to the Jade City through that.

An emaciated elder who was sitting cross-legged beside the teleportation array abruptly opened his eyes.

"Twenty million divine vital energy crystals!" he said, studying him from head to foot.

Austin had no choice but to hand him twenty million divine vital energy crystals from his Space Ring.

It was payment for using the teleportation array.

Besides, he already gave up another twenty million divine vital energy crystals for entering the teleportation array in the East Mainland.

It only showed that using a super large teleportation array to cross the regions cost a cultivator forty million divine vital energy crystals in total.

'Damn it! So expensive!'

Austin felt his heart bleeding.

Although he was rich, forty million divine vital energy crystals was still a big sum fo

ore I did."

Another shadow in disguise appeared from a distance and also had ill intentions against Austin.

A small and simple flying boat approached him from a distance. "It seems that we are after him. I heard that he has many valuable treasures."

A voice echoed from the flying boat.

"Hey, why is everyone well-informed?

I thought I was the only one who knew about this brat.

I didn't expect that it was shared among many.

Things are more complicated than I imagined."

On the top of a nearby mountain, a figure in white showed up and walked in the air towards Austin.

In a blink of an eye, four Heavenly Grotto Realm masters turned up for him.

"Ha-ha, you must be Austin. I admire your arrogance and ignorance.

You even have the balls to come here.

Young people are always like this. Once they gained some skill, it gets to their heads.

If you stayed hidden in the East Mainland, maybe you've had lived longer.

But you came here instead. Were you digging your own grave?"

the man in the flying boat asked him.

"If I'm not mistaken, all of you are from the ancient, top sects of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

It flatters me that four Heavenly Grotto Realm masters are here to take my life,"

Austin mocked.

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