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   Chapter 1998 The Preliminary Stage Of Major-perfection Realm

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"I truly appreciate your kindness to impart the cultivation methods to me these days."

Austin bowed respectfully to the five people in the hall.

"Sir, may I call you my master?"

Austin bowed to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was the former owner of the Golden Sun Scripture, the Fire Stela, and the vital energy stone. In a sense, you could say that he was Austin's master.

After that, Austin left the hall.

Once he left the hall, he didn't encounter anymore danger and was able to peacefully leave the valley.

Standing outside the valley, he looked back and saw how different it looked compared to when he first arrived. There was no evil wind, evil mist or any creepy bone land in the valley. The corpses and dark palace were nowhere to be found as well.

One could look down to the bottom of the whole valley without seeing any weed or living creatures.

"There must be an extremely powerful array in the valley, which has concealed everything.

Only by a lucky coincidence could I meet those things in the valley.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, when I walk in, I will find nothing,"

Austin muttered to himself.

"It is time to make a breakthrough in my cultivation base!"

For the past twenty days, Austin had been restraining his vital energy realm.

Now it was finally the right time to make a breakthrough.

Half a day later, near the Evil Valley, up high in the air, the thick dark clouds were gathered, and the sky was covered by dark clouds. Thick lightning and bolts of thunder exploded in the clouds.

Thunderbolts poured from the sky; sheets of luminous lightning struck down to a figure like a waterfall.

Within an hour, countless thick forests around the figure were destroyed by lightning and turned into a sea of raging fire.

Two hours later, dark clouds dispersed in the sky, and no lightning or thunderbolt could be seen.

"I have reached the preliminary stage of Major-perfection Realm!"

Austin said to himself as he suspended in the air and felt the vital energy force inside him through clenched fists.

With a raise of his hand, a strong wave of golden sword aura emanated from the tips of his fingers. Austin direc

an old man with white hair ranted irritably at another old man clad in grey. He pointed at the latter's nose angrily and continued to scold him.

If Austin was there, he would recognize that the grumpy old man was Anderson. He was the one who had designated him to be the new disciple of the four schools in the Mighty Mountains.

The old man in grey scolded by Anderson was Elder Chris who had been assigned to recruit new disciples for the Blue Dragon School from the East Mainland.

"Please allow me to explain, Master Anderson.

I waited for Austin for about four to five days in the Mighty Mountains but he didn't show up," Chris started to explain.

"Later, I sent people to the headquarters of his sect to ask where he was. They told us that Austin had gone to the Cloud Empire in the East Mainland.

I sent another group of people to the Cloud Empire to find Austin. However, they told me that by the time they got there, Austin had already left the imperial capital city of the Cloud Empire. No one knew where he went." Chris shrugged his shoulders.

"I stayed in the Mighty Mountains for ten days waiting for him.

After that, I brought other new disciples with me and rushed back to the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Master Anderson, If you don't believe me, you can just find a new disciple, any one of them from the East Mainland, and ask them to confirm what I said,"

Chris explained for himself with a red face, feeling both angry and embarrassed.

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