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   Chapter 1997 Comprehend The Law Power

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Austin gradually came back to his senses. He then realized that what he had just experienced was only a dream.

"Demons and deities fought for hegemony; all races were slaughtered, and it was the end for every being. Those things were all familiar to me. I must have heard it somewhere," said Austin to himself.

He lowered his head and closed his eyes to think.

He was lost in thought as he was trying to remember where he had heard those things.

"Ah!" exclaimed Austin suddenly.

It seemed that he had already remembered something.

"It was in the Fallen Immortal World. It was on the second floor of the small wooden building in the old herbal garden where I got the Pot of Chaos and the Immortal Body Refining Formula!"

At that time, Austin was on the second floor of that building when he saw a piece of paper on the table beside the window. There were words written on that paper.

Austin was actually a little confused when he read those words.

However, what he had just experienced in his dream now gave Austin a vague idea of the real meaning of those words.

He began to interpret his dream. There was no doubt that the deities were the powerful cultivators on the continent. The demons were the enemies who had invaded the continent. Contending for hegemony naturally referred to the battle between the two parties.

All races were slaughtered and it was the end for every creature meant that the continent was destroyed.

Was it really true that such a continent existed in the ancient times? Was it really destroyed during the war?

Austin was a bit baffled. His mind was in a mess. He just woke up from that dream and now he became very curious.

"Hey, boy! Are you awake now?"

The Flame Emperor's voice suddenly rang out in Austin's Soul Sea.

"If you're awake, just say yes to me," he added.

Austin was a little surprised when he heard the Flame Emperor.

"I'm awake now."

He answered when he recovered.

"Thank God! I'm glad you're back to normal now. I'm worried sick about you. I thought something wrong had happened to you."

There was a hint of concern in the Flame Emperor's voice.

It was as if something bad had really happened to Austin when he was sleeping.

"I have been calling you so many times in the past few days but you were not responding at all. I thought you had already lost your mind."

The Flame Emperor then heaved a long sigh of relief.

"A few days?"

Austin was surprised. No wonder the Flame Emperor got worried about him.

"Yes, it has been three days since you fell asleep. I think the elder of the Blue Dragon School has already left the Mighty Mountains with the new stud

ive ancestors here have profound skills of the rules of the five elements. I will stay here and cultivate it in seclusion for some time. Having these five ancestors teach me the cultivation methods personally is such a rare opportunity."

Austin had already made a decision.

The Flame Emperor knew that he couldn't change Austin's mind anymore.

"Well, if that's what you want. Anyway, it seems that the middle-aged man is really the last owner of the Golden Sun Scripture," agreed the Flame Emperor.

"Based on my observation these past few days, he seems to be good to you. I think you will not encounter any danger in this hall."

Austin sat cross-legged on the floor and began to meditate.

The Flame Emperor stayed silent.

The five ancestors were continuously emitting profound law power and the rules of the five elements.

They were creating various terrifying law powers.

Austin sat still and meditated in silence like an old monk. He had completely forgotten everything.

Time seemed to fly faster while one was cultivating.

Twenty days later.


Austin opened his eyes slowly.

His body was emitting a faint mysterious law power.

"The deeper I comprehend laws and powers of this world, the more profound they have become!" exclaimed Austin.

He was very satisfied with the result of his cultivation.

Austin then stood up. He had been sitting cross-legged for twenty days so he felt like stretching his body first.

At this point, the pressure of the rules of the five elements in the hall only had a little impact on him.

It was because he now had a deeper understanding of the rules of the five elements after twenty days of meditation.

Besides, Austin was also wearing a robe that helped him move freely in the hall.

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