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   Chapter 1996 The Brutal Battle On The Continent

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Gradually, as Austin concentrated, he sensed that he could now feel the very fluctuation of the ideas of the middle-aged man. To put it concisely, he could actually spy on his opponent's consciousness.

"Oh? Where are we?"

All of a sudden, the surroundings faded and he found himself in a completely new and strange world.

It looked like a vast, boundless continent, marked only by silence.

The place was enormous and stretched out boundlessly across the very center of the universe.

Numerous stars and suns were revolving around this continent, which spoke of its marvelous size. From the looks of it, this place seemed like the very hub of all life forms in all of creation.

It was home to trillions of living creatures, who seemed happy and prosperous.

To top the whole fairy land like deal, the whole place seemed to be shrouded in an endless fairy energy. The density of spiritual energy between the heaven and earth was so high that it had condensed into a thick fog which was covering the continent, constantly moisturizing all the creatures that inhabited this place.

Such was the vitality embedded here that every living creature, including several plants as well, was practicing martial arts.

Austin could also sense that a lot of powerful cultivators lived here.

Even a few great masters were present here who could not be ranked among ordinary cultivators.

They were powerful enough to crack the ground with one step, and swoop stars out of the sky with a punch.

They had been living here for a long, long time and were almost as old as this continent.

This seemed to be an extremely advanced world, with cultivation levels highly developed, and powerful warriors walking around like the wind was blowing.

Austin found that he could perceive many things in the world.

"The warriors on this continent are extremely strong compared to the people on the Divine Continent.

Is this the Immortal World that the cultivators of the Divine Continent speak of?"

He was confused. He sensed the strong aura of immortals on this continent and felt the presence of people who were almost the same age as this continent. 'This is most likely the legendary Immortal World, ' he thought.

Obviously, no ordinary person could live so long. Only immortals could attain lifespans as long as the heavens themselves.


All of a sudden, Austin's heart missed a beat when he heard a cry so shrill that it shook the sky. From the farthest depths of the horizon, a dark and dense mist or fog suddenly began to appear. It quickly spread over hundreds of square miles.

Shouts and battle cries could be heard from that fog and some sort of weird, harsh laughter also rang out of it.

Very soon, the dark fog enveloped the sky of the continent.


Black colored shadows began to take shape in the fog, like millions of ferocious ghosts had been thrown in hell and were now crying and screaming in agony.


"Destroy this continent!"

"Let darkness and death descend! Kill!"

Strong killing intents roared and rushed towards the whole place,

In this place were hundreds of powerful cultivators from the continent. They had showcased the most supreme of their skills to help the creatures that had survived the war on the continent. Their knowledge and power had brought these creatures into this city before the place had gone ka-boom!

"Let's go!

We'll rebuild our family one day and take revenge on them!"

A strong man's voice echoed and shook the sky.

Then the city turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

"Go after them!

Let's uproot them all! We won't let them get away!"

On the farthest side of the city stood a strange looking cultivator. He waved his hand and countless warriors began rushing towards the place where the city had been just a while back.

After a short while, the lump in the sky was broken by the enemy and a passageway appeared.

A large number of people rushed towards the passageway, intending to hunt down any survivors from the war Austin had just witnessed.

And just like a helpless onlooker, Austin saw the whole process clearly, unable to make anything happen in here.

A moment later, the whole scene vanished out of his sight.

Suddenly, Austin's eyes narrowed.

The middle-aged man he had seen appeared in front of Austin once again with a pair of deep and wrinkled eyes seemingly looking towards him; or he could have been looking at the endless space behind him. There was no telling

"Sir, sir..."

Austin shouted once more.

"Alas. Demons and deities fought for hegemony; all races were slaughtered, and it was the end for every being. There was nothing we could do, despite all that we did do...

Remember, we need to re-build our home."

With a small wave at Austin, the middle-aged man turned around in a melancholic manner, walked away, and slowly faded into air.

"Sir, sir..."

Austin shouted helplessly.

All of a sudden, he woke up and found himself back in the dark palace where the five ancestors were still standing in front of him.

'Was that a dream?'

Austin wondered. If it was, it had been a nightmare!

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