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   Chapter 1995 The Mysterious Connection

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8304

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It was difficult to learn all the rules and laws, which represented the essence and principles of the world.

Of course, it was a matter of concern for the cultivators who reached a high-level cultivation base to make further exploration and get closer to some essence of the world.

Indeed, this required a strong soul and understanding ability among them.

It was also a fact that some cultivators were mediocre and could accomplish nothing. Perhaps, they would never be able to step into the law power in the martial arts they were cultivating.

While Austin was at the Minor-perfection Realm, he began to have insights about the law power. That was an easy indicator to tell how talented he was.

He had planned on spending his days on meditation. But it was one day later, when he suddenly opened his eyes and woke up from meditation.

In fact, he had to force himself to wake up.

After a day's comprehension and meditation, he had already developed a deeper understanding of the rules of five elements.

However, there was only one day left before he would set off to the Mighty Mountains. If he delayed it, he was afraid he'd be late.

Although Austin had only studied it for one day, he had a breakthrough in the understanding of the rules of five elements.

He concluded that his current Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship must have become much stronger than before.

"Hmm! I don't even know if the five seniors have been killed or are still alive,"

Austin spoke to himself as he stood up and looked around.

"Huh! Looks like the pressure inside the hall is far weaker,"

he said with surprise as he suddenly realized the fact.

Soon he figured out the reason for it.

The tremendous pressure inside the hall was due to the fact that the five elements array had evolved into the powerful force of five elements rules.

And now, with his deeper understanding of the rules of those five elements, the influence of the power of the five elements rules which was in the hall around him had naturally weakened a lot.

Austin carefully walked around inside the hall.

The whole hall was empty and wide. It was filled with gloomy and horrible aura everywhere.

However, in the entire hall, besides those five ancestors, there was nothing else that existed.

Austin felt a little disappointed. He had hoped that he would find some precious treasures after he broke in with so much hard work.

But now he got nothing. All

de his meridians, the elixir field, even inside the vital energy stone, was all surging out like great rivers.

Austin was taken aback. He had no idea what was going on and what was happening to him.

He couldn't even control his vital energy at all.

The light golden vital energy from Austin's body kept moving to the middle-aged man.

In a few seconds, the middle-aged man's body began to glow. Thousands of rays of brilliant golden lights dazzled and overwhelmed the surrounding space.

At the same time, Austin was surprised to see that even his own body was shining. Brilliant golden radiance spread and made the surrounding space look as if it was lost in a golden ocean. Such a scene was very unusual to see.

Boom! Boom!

The bodies of Austin and the middle-aged man started shaking, and kept emitting dazzling golden light.

For some unknown reason, Austin felt that their bodies seemed to have a secret connection and were like one.

The scene was unbelievable. In the dull and dark hall, two bodies were blazing. The bodies looked like two gods, emitting a dream-like light.


By this time, the Fire Stela in Austin's elixir field seemed to be awakened completely. It rushed out and began floating directly above the head of the middle-aged man.

Endless rays of golden light came out of the Fire Stela and covered the middle-aged man completely.

Bursts of formidable suppressing power were being continuously transmitted into the middle-aged man's body.

At that moment, the middle-aged man's body started to look more dazzling. It was so bright that nobody could have dared to look at him directly!

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