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   Chapter 1994 The Five Ancestors

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The building in front of Austin was all dark. It looked very depressed.

"Not long after I broke into this valley, the thick cloud of evil mist surrounded the whole place. Then out of nowhere, I was already at the dark palace," said the Flame Emperor.

"I was just fortunate enough to have not encountered those terrible corpses. Otherwise, I would have been in a big trouble with my strength at that time," he added.

Austin was listening intently to the Flame Emperor.

He was walking forward carefully.

After a few moments, he was already approaching the dark palace that the Flame Emperor was talking about.

The closer he got to the gate of the palace, the stronger he felt the oppressive pressure.

A cold wind was blowing out of the void now and then. It was as if they were in a cold winter.

Austin walked up to the gate of the palace.

He then reached out to push the gate. It was shrouded by a strong and spooky evil spirit. The air was grim which made them feel like they were in hell.


Austin opened the two dark doors. He was about to enter the palace when an overwhelming power rushed out wildly.

As if being hit by a thunderbolt, Austin was thrown into the stone wall. He felt his bones broke as his body hit the wall.

Austin did his best to stand up although it was very difficult for him. His mouth and nose were already bleeding. He stared straight ahead trying to see clearly what was inside.

Thanks to the robe he was wearing for counteracting most of the force. If not, he would have been disabled or worst, dead now.

"Damn it! I am going in!" shouted Austin with gritted teeth.

He took out the Pot of Chaos and released his physical strength and vital energy. He concentrated his mind and walked towards the entrance of the palace again.


When he approached the gate of the palace again, an invisible but horrible atmosphere rushed out. The pressure was incomparably violent.

Austin was taken aback. However, he wasn't planning to give up that easily.

So he ground his teeth and stepped forward. No matter how strong the evil force was, he did his best to counter it. Finally, he was able to step into the black palace.

The inside of the palace was obscure and vague. It was like a lonely open place. There was a strong killing intent lurking in it. It was really terrifying.

Austin's body was shaking. He felt like he was under a huge mountain.

Despite the pressure that he felt on his way, Austin continued

d the great beauty of the five elements.

The Flame Emperor knew Austin very well so he could already tell what he was thinking. "Damn it, boy! Have you forgotten where we are right now? You really dare to gain insight here? It's too risky!"

the Flame Emperor immediately reminded Austin to avoid getting himself into trouble.

"Don't disturb me!" Austin scolded the Flame Emperor.

"They are demonstrating the rules of the five elements now. If I don't take this opportunity to comprehend them, I won't have such an opportunity again in the future," he added.

The Flame Emperor couldn't do anything but sigh. He had been with Austin for a long time so he knew that Austin was a strong cultivator. And once he cultivated, he would always become an obsessed person.

For a moment, Austin seemed to be totally immersed in it and could not extricate himself.

The black hall was very broad and empty. Aside from the five ancestors who were standing lofty like mountains, there was no one else there. However, the pressure they exuded was very suffocating.

If someone would look carefully, he could find that the five ancestors all had an indescribable fierceness. That was actually the reflection of the rules. The rules of the five elements were transformed into a terrifying force here and it could even wipe out everything in the world.

For a cultivator who had practiced the rules of the five elements, the five figures were undoubtedly heaven-sent treasures. They were the supreme heritage of law power.

Very soon, Austin had forgotten everything else around him and he only devoted himself into comprehending what the five ancestors demonstrated.

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