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   Chapter 1991 The Evil Wind And The Evil Mist

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An interesting aspect of the ground was that it was completely charred and had gone black.

And the black was more a shade of dried blood than ash. Perhaps a battle had taken place a long while ago here...

Austin rubbed the ground with his feet and saw that a layer of some charred substance came off and stuck to his shoe. Immediately, the smell of blood reached his nostrils.

"Is it possible that the ground of the Evil Valley has gone black due to dried blood?"

Austin's face turned pale at such a horrifying prospect.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Before he had time to dwell on this fearsome idea, gusts of black wind suddenly began to blow. Even though Austin was standing far away from the source of this wind, he felt the chill it emanated and immediately got alert. Something was going on!

"Be careful. There are evil winds in here which seem quite weird. They can even kill a warrior at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

I mean this ghost wind is extremely rare, and it flows once or twice in decades. Damn it!

Why did we have to run into one today? It's just bad luck!"

the Flame Emperor cursed from inside Austin's Soul Sea.

"Ghost winds?"

Austin murmured, gazing deep into the valley, only to see black colored whirlwinds roaring and flushing towards him.

The power and danger was visible. Wherever this wind passed, stones turned into dust immediately. Even the ground and the mountains on either sides of the valley did not remain intact. They were crushed very fast.

With his spiritual sense, Austin checked the source and was surprised to see that these black whirlwinds seemed to be coming from a void high in the sky. It was hard to imagine how such a thing could happen.

The black whirlwind passed over a tree that had died several years ago, and instantly sliced it into pieces.

Several crows shrieked in the distance, rushing away from this oncoming storm.

They had taken refuge on the withered tree. But as soon as the whirlwind drew near, they had tried to escape but failed. They were also turned into dust.

Austin took out the Pot of Chaos from his Space Ring and rushed inside it.

It was just in time though, since as soon as he got inside, the whirlwinds hit the pot.

Metallic thongs began to reach his eardrums as the waves collided on the pot.

"I get it now. These evil winds have been formed by gathering strong evil auras together. No wonder they're so powerful,"

Austin muttered as he checked the bl

at he was facing difficulty in making his blood flow.

Austin knew that he was no match for the man.

"Nice to meet you, sir.

I'm Austin. I'm so sorry to disturb you,"

he responded politely.

However, even after a long while, the man did not respond.

Austin released his spiritual sense once again to carefully perceive the enemy.

"A corpse! ?"

Austin felt that something was wrong. To his enormous surprise, although the old man's eyes were glowing like golden lamps, it was actually just a corpse.

The body was covered with thick dust and it seemed like the man had died many moons ago.

"He still has a lively appearance, and I can feel his horrifying aura.

But it's just a corpse!"

Austin was taken aback and frightened at what could make this happen.

The only possible explanation was that the man had been a great and powerful master when he had been alive. His strength must have been unimaginable.

Austin unleashed his vital energy and prepared his physical strength before walking carefully towards the old man's corpse, observing it carefully.

How powerful the man looked!

He looked lifelike even after death.

Besides, the corpse was still emanating an aura of terror. Austin estimated that no cultivator at the Minor-perfection Realm would dare to approach it, or they would be directly crushed.

Even powerful masters at the Major-perfection Realm would not dare to do so; they wouldn't die, but they would still be crushed by the horrible aura.

Austin could manage to stand in front of the old man's corpse only by fully unleashing his physical strength and vital energy at the same time.

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