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   Chapter 1990 The Evil Valley

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7250

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Once Austin heard that the place had something to do with the Golden Sun Scripture, he was immediately interested and decided to go there.

Austin went to say goodbye to the elders of the Flame Holy Land.

There were only three days left before Austin had to head for the Middle Pilgrim Land. So, Austin planned to straightly go to the Mighty Mountains after he explored the Cloud Empire

instead of returning to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land again.

He was not sure when he could come back again.

Elder Sharp of the Flame Holy Land, together with three other elders, four stewards, and five ancient men who had been resurrected came to see Austin before his departure.

Every top leader of the Flame Holy Land advised Austin to be cautious once he arrived at the Middle Pilgrim Land and to make sure he wouldn't die.

These high-level leaders of the Flame Holy Land had long taken Austin as the future holy lord of the Flame Holy Land.

Therefore, they were keen on keeping Austin safe no matter what.

"Austin, this is my magic treasure. I use it to speed up my journey. It moves at a lightning speed.

It is yours now."

A middle-aged man waved his hand and took out a canoe carved out of wood and handed it to Austin.

The middle-aged man was one of the five elders that had been resurrected in the Flame Holy Land.

"Thank you, sir."

Austin accepted the gift without hesitation.

Austin had built a good relationship with the five resurrected ancestors lately.

From time to time, Elder Sharp and the other five elders would tell Austin some of their insights on cultivation and guide him to cultivate.

He might not have learned any specific martial art skills from them but the wisdom he gained was irreplaceable.

The mastery of the predecessors could often make things easier for their young cultivators.

Austin refined the canoe. Once he was finished, he waved goodbye to the senior leaders of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin waved his sleeve and threw the canoe out.

It was enlarged ten times.

Austin jumped on it and push it forward with his vital energy.


The canoe disapp


It is a powerful wolf,"

Austin said.

"Yes, the Evil Valley is very ominous," the Flame Emperor muttered.

"As long as a person is in here, no matter how powerful they are, they would always feel an odd, almost menacing atmosphere.

There were also many masters that had explored the ghost valley." The Flame Emperor gazed at the deep parts of the valley.

"However, the Evil Valley seemed to only be a home for all sorts of evil things. There was no treasures nor opportunities.

As time went by, nobody cared to go to the Evil Valley anymore."

The Flame Emperor had grown up in the Cloud Empire, so he was familiar with the history of the Evil Valley.

Caw! Caw!

Several black crows circled a withered old tree in the dark Valley, emitting cries of misery as if they were grieving death.

"This place seems to be filled with an ominous atmosphere..."

Austin moved slowly in the valley. He felt a chill on his neck, like someone was breathing heavily behind him.

"Keep going. There is a palace in the valley. It is where I got the vital energy stone,"

the Flame Emperor told Austin.

"All right."

Austin summoned up his courage and nodded.

If it hadn't been for the fact that this creepy valley had something to do with the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin would have turned around and left at once.

Walking in the valley made the hairs on his arm stand up and gave him a creepy feeling.

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