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   Chapter 1989 Going Back To The Headquarters

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"Don't be silly. We will not forever be apart. When we come to the Middle Pilgrim Land, we will have a lot of chances to see each other," Austin comforted her.

He wiped her tears with his finger.

"This is just temporary. This won't last very long. Sooner or later, we will be together again and will never be apart. Do you understand?"

Austin also felt heavy in his heart but didn't have a choice.

To his relief, Caroline finally nodded and turned away.

When Caroline left, the Peacock Princess also came to Austin.

She too, wanted to say goodbye.

"Austin, I'll have to leave too. But remember, come and see me often when you arrive in the Middle Pilgrim Land."

"Alright." Austin nodded.

"I promise, I will see you there."

"I'll look forward to that," said the Peacock Princess before she turned around to leave.

Shortly, all the new students of the Rose Finch School jumped onto the warship.

Elder Allen then pushed the warship and they vanished in a flash.

Afterwards, the elder from the White Tiger School prepared another warship and let the new students of the White Tiger School board.

Bray, Zoe, Rahul and the other young cultivators all went to Austin to say goodbye too. Then they jumped on the flying ship of the White Tiger School.

"Austin, I am also a member of the White Tiger School. If you have time in the future, please see me as well."

A beautiful woman was waving at Austin not far away.

She was Belle Xiao.


Austin nodded with a smile.

The flying boat of the White Tiger School turned into a flash of lightning and rushed away.

"They are all gone," murmured Austin.

He couldn't help but sigh emotionally.

"Ha ha! The new students of our Blue Dragon School don't have to rush to the Middle Pilgrim Land like them. I have something to deal with in the East Mainland first. We can then start off after that."

The elder in grey made an announcement to the new students of the Blue Dragon School.

I will give you five days to go back to your home first. In that case, you can have the chance to say goodbye to your family members, relatives, and friends. We will gather here in the Mighty Mountains again after five days. Then we will head for the Middle Pilgrim Land," he added.

He waved his hand to dismiss all of them.

"All right. You can leave now. Just remember, come back here after five days."

Instantly, all the new students of the Blue Dragon School cheered.

"That's great!"

Who wouldn't be delighted?

They were given five days to go back to their families. It was good enough to say goodbye to all of their family members and friends. Of course, they would be very happy.

They all flew into the sky and headed for different directions going back to their homes.

After everyone had left, the elder in grey waved his hand to put away the square that was floating in the sky.

Then he vanished into thin air.

Everyone went back to t

If he could have the chance, he would really do everything to save them.

But those seriously injured ancient warriors could still be saved. Maybe Austin could do something for them. In that case, Elder Sharp would be reunited with them as well.

"I see," said Austin.

As a matter of fact, he didn't know what else to say to Elder Sharp.

It was only now that he understood why Elder Sharp had brought only five ancient warriors back to life.

After that conversation with Elder Sharp, Austin spent the rest of the day in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land. He mainly stayed in his secret cultivation room at the peak of cultivation.

"Lad, do you want to explore a place?"

Austin suddenly heard the Flame Emperor in his Soul Sea.

"Oh? Where?"

Austin was stunned but he was also curious.

"Have you forgotten about what I told you before? The place where I've gotten the Golden Sun Scripture?"

Austin contemplated for a while.

"Do you mean the Cloud Empire?"

Austin spoke in a low voice.

"That's right," said the Flame Emperor with a smile.

"Ha ha! Boy, you are practicing the Golden Sun Scripture now so I think you will be interested in that place. So, do you want to explore it now?"

To convince Austin more, the Flame Emperor told Austin again how he had acquired the Golden Sun Scripture there.

"You know, the Golden Sun Scripture was kept in the Cloud Empire. I've got the vital energy stone accidentally when I was there. The Golden Sun Scripture was hidden in that vital energy stone at that time when I brought it to the Prime Martial World."

Austin listened to the Flame Emperor intently and his interest seemed aroused.

"Who knows, you can discover more there. You might be able to cultivate the Golden Sun Scripture more," added the Flame Emperor.

"Okay, we will set off right now!"

Austin had decided immediately without a second thought.

Apparently, the Flame Emperor had succeeded in enticing him.

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