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   Chapter 1988 Moment Of Departure (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5998

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'Well, I think it's time that I accept the result. Besides, it's not too bad. Also, I can visit them from time to time, since the schools are just close to each other as Elder Allen had mentioned, ' thought Austin to himself.

Austin heaved a deep sigh, feeling less down as he pondered more about it.

Besides, everyone, including Violet and the gnome, would have to go their own ways and face their own fates. They needed to learn how to fight for themselves for no one could stay around him forever.

Like what the old man in grey had told him a while ago, the way he was going to take would not be suitable for Caroline, Violet, the gnome, and even the rest of his friends. This would, perhaps, be a great chance for them to find their own ways and tap into their own martial capabilities.

Everyone was suddenly startled by a loud announcement.

"Listen, everyone! All the new disciples of the Black Tortoise School must come here now and rally. Get ready for we will leave for the Black Tortoise School in the Middle Pilgrim Land, where you will start a new life as cultivators," said Elder Barton aloud.

All the new disciples of the Black Tortoise School was surprised at the sudden departure.

When Elder Barton noticed their hesitation, he didn't think twice to shout once more, "Right now!"

The cluster of disciples in front of him turned cold and even more hesitant.

Most of them, if not all, had planned to go back to their own sects or clans to bid their goodbyes for they would be gone for quite a long time.

However, Elder Barton wasn't taking any of their reactions. "If I hear more of this nonsense, I will not hesitate to leave you. As cultivators, we should all know that our number one priority should be to practice our martial arts. We should

ling sad and excited at the same time at their sudden new journey ahead.

As they all watched the warship slowly fading away in the distance, the rest was once more startled by another announcement. "Eyes and ears here, everyone! All the new disciples of the Rose Finch School, come and gather here. We will leave now as well!"

Without waiting for their reaction, Elder Allen waved his hand and also summoned a flying ship in the air. Then, he signaled all the new disciples under him to aboard the ship. Not wanting to get a scolding like that from Elder Barton, the new disciples of the Rose Finch School dared not to disobey.

After hearing this, Austin's eyes turned wide. "Caroline!" He shouted and tried to find her among the crowd.

Caroline was also finding for Austin, and as soon as she heard him call out her name, she ran towards that direction and saw Austin coming towards her. They both held onto each other's hands and looked into each other with sad eyes.

At this moment of departure, none of them could find the right words to say to each other. Only the tears coming from Caroline's beautiful eyes spoke for how both of them felt for each other at that very moment.

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