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   Chapter 1987 Moment Of Departure (Part One)

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Seemingly in a hurry, all the new disciples of the four major schools walked to the Talent Stela.

As they positioned, the old man in grey stepped forward. He cleared his throat and announced out loud, "Now, after selecting you all, it is time that we announce in which school you are assigned to, and it was based on the ranking of your talents.

Rest assured that the distribution was carried out on a fair footing and was completely according to the level of your talent. We made sure that all those of the same level of talent, no matter how high or low, will be placed to the appropriate school.

Of course, the decision is to our discretion, which means none of you have the right to choose. If any of you have any violent reactions, you are encouraged to leave.

Now, each of us stand for one of the four schools. Please, listen carefully and do remember.

This elder here represents the White Tiger School, Elder Allen for the Rose Finch School, Elder Barton for the Black Tortoise School, and lastly, I represent the Blue Dragon School.

This time, we are going to call out your names, and once we do it, step forward and come towards the representative to whom you will be joining the school with. Again, the decision we made is final."

After the announcement, the four elders started allocating the 400 new disciples according to the decided distribution.

The whole process had lasted for about an hour and would have been finished sooner if not for those disciples who had failed to listen carefully. This made some elders grunt in disappointment, but the whole procedure must go on.

Finally, to everyone's convenience, the process was finished. Austin looked around and noticed that the four elders did seem to have scrutinized every single one of the 400 new disciples and distributed them according to the level of their talents.

The four elders each represe

In that case, I apologize for the inconvenience, and I won't insist upon my request anymore."

Elder Allen smiled and seemed satisfied with Austin's response. He patted his back and said, "Well, that's considerate of you, young man. You made the right decision."

Austin sighed. If there was anything else that dissatisfied him, it was the fact that both Violet and the gnome had been placed to the Black Tortoise School. He felt surprised but tried to let these negative feelings go for he could not do anything about it.

To relieve him of this emotions, his eyes and mood lit up once he found out that Stacy was also assigned to the Blue Dragon School. They would be able to study together in the near future.

As for the rest of his friends, Peacock Princess was assigned to the Rose Finch School with Caroline.

Bray was assigned to the White Tiger School.

Rahul and Zoe would be joining Bray as well in the White Tiger School.

Among all the people whom Austin was familiar with and close to, only Stacy was assigned to the same school as him, which meant she was the only person who could accompany him inside the premises.

Austin shrugged, feeling consoled by the fact that, at least, he was with someone he knew in the Blue Dragon School.

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