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   Chapter 1986 The Young Blue Dragon

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"Just not the White Tiger School...I'll never pick it...

Any one of the other three will do. But which will be the best for me to cultivate my skill?"

Austin mumbled to himself.

The old man had agreed to vouch for Austin's admission on one of the four major schools. Of course, Austin would not refuse such an opportunity. After all, he had considered entering one of the four major schools since he believed he was powerful enough.

"Well, the Blue Dragon School is a formidable academy. Sandro is a close friend of mine from Blue Dragon School. He and I go way back. I will be pleased to have him take care of you,"

the old man declared when he saw Austin's hesitation.

"Well sir, since you think so, I'll choose the Blue Dragon School."

Austin nodded in agreement. After all, except for the White Tiger School, there was no difference among the three schools for him.

He vividly remembered Percy, the deputy dean of the White Tiger School, who came to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land to attack him.

Austin did not even consider going to the White Tiger School as he knew things might get awkward between Percy and him. Most of all, a powerful great master at Immortal Transforming Realm might use any method he deemed effective whether to educate or to discipline a junior.

"Then it is settled!

Young man--your name is Austin, right?

Upon entering the Blue Dragon School, you shall take it upon yourself to hone and cultivate your strength and skill to their maximum potential.

Enrolling in any of the four schools is a privilege and an honor. However, the competition is fierce, and it becomes harder every day. Some people may not even survive the tasks. But you have to push through for every hardship comes with a lesson,"

the old man advised.

"I'll keep that in mind,"

Austin said with gratitude.

He felt indebted to the old man for having his back. The old man did not even know who Austin was at first, or how strong he was since they never met in the battlefield. Yet he agreed to help Austin in entering the Blue Dragon School. For that, Austin was grateful.

"Well, I should head off.

Austin, I know we will see each other again. Until then,"

the old man said to Austin.

"Everybody here is aware that only the top four hundred trainees of the East Mainland are qualified to enter the four major schools. The annual quota shall remain, but with Austin as an addition. Therefore, this year we shall have four hundred and one new trainees! Welcome a

disciples who ranked in the top four hundred.

"It's a pity though that it was not a fair selection, since some people got into the four major schools by pulling strings."

"Yes, you're right. How shameless that was!"

"The Talent Stela said so itself; he doesn't have what it takes. Even though he was admitted to the four main schools through his personal connections, I assure you he would not last long. He dares enter one of the schools, but he will surely be at the bottom of the pile and become a laughingstock in the future!"

The people from the big sects in the East Mainland and those who did not have the chance to enter the four major schools were staring at Austin coldly.

At the same time, a group of people started to surround Austin.

"Hey, Austin! Congratulations! The old man must be so wise that he can see you as a future student of the Blue Dragon School regardless of your test result.

Anyway, I'm sure he's powerful enough to protect you from your future bullies as well. I am certain you will make a lot of friends."

Bray laughed while patting Austin on the shoulder.

Caroline, Violet, the gnome, Peacock Princess, Stacy, and the other disciples including Zoe and Rahul from the Flame Holy Land all gathered around Austin.

Austin looked at his friends happily.

They embraced warmly and congratulated each other. Austin was excited to go to school with them.

"Well now, as a part of the procedure, we shall decide which school you shall enter.

Everyone, gather in front of the Talent Stela. The four of us shall designate which school you shall belong to,"

the old man in grey said with his voice surrounding the entire square.

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