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   Chapter 1985 He Cheated

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8101

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"Ha-ha! I happen to pass by here. I notice that you are recruiting new trainees. I actually decided to come here to see if I can find any promising candidates from the East Mainland," said the old man.

There was a slight smile on his face.

"Thank you for your kindness, sir!" responded the four elders.

They all had smiles on their faces too.

"Young man, come up and try blasting the Talent Stela," ordered the old man to Austin.

The four elders were surprised.

"What? Sir Anderson, we have just tested his strength. Do we need to test him again?"

one of them was not able to resist the urge to ask.

They couldn't understand why the old man was really interested to in Austin's skill.

"It doesn't matter. I want to see it again," replied the old man.

There was finality in his voice.

"Alright," agreed the elder in grey.

He then turned to Austin and said, "Young man, try again so Sir Anderson can see it."

Based on his observation, Austin could tell that the old man who had appeared out of nowhere was someone important.

Because of that, he didn't show any hesitations any more. He went straight forward to hit the Talent Stela using both his physical strength and vital energy force.

At this moment, Austin's fist gave out a frightening wave of energy. A strong golden vital energy and a lot of blood essence dragons wandered crazily on his arm. The horrendous energy pressure awed everyone in the square.

Not only the young generation cultivators but also the old generation masters were shocked upon watching Austin.


Austin's fist hit the Talent Stela forcefully.

The Talent Stela which was a thousand meters high shook violently.

Everyone in the square fixed their eyes on the Talent Stela again. They were all eager to see if the rankings on it had changed or if Austin's name had popped up.

But after a few seconds, the rankings on the talent tablet remained the same. Austin's name still wasn't there.

"Ha-ha! Why don't you try a few more times? You are nothing but a waste! Do you really think a chick can miraculously become a phoenix?"

"This is awesome! I can finally see Austin being lost to someone."

"Humph! His retribution is finally coming!"

The members of the three holy lands, the three large clans and the first-class sects were thrilled as they laughed quietly.

"Damn it! How is this even possible? A

on. This young man can definitely choose from the four major schools as he wishes."

The four elders nodded in agreement. They had just witnessed a shocking scene in the sky earlier. All of them thought that this young man in front of them was not inferior in talent at all.

As a matter of fact, he was very likely to be a rare genius with the greatest talent.

After all, if he was just an ordinary cultivator, he wouldn't be able to trigger the abnormal vision caused by the Talent Stela.

With this, they didn't find any reasons to oppose the old man's decision.

"What's going on?" "Is Austin really in?"

"Austin isn't part of the top four hundred. Why does he get to choose any of the four schools now?"

All the martial artists in the East Mainland were stunned. They couldn't understand why the old man made such decision.

Well, it was because none of them knew that something unusual happened in the sky earlier.

They were all focused on the rankings on the Talent Stela so they didn't pay attention to other things that happened.

"It's unfair!"

"Yes, you are right. I think he only cheated!"

"But didn't the four elders say that everything was based on the Talent Stela?"

"Yes, that's what they said. But can you see Austin's name on the Talent Stela?"

"I can't understand why they seem to be giving Austin a special treatment."

Many warriors were now whispering to each other.

Most young cultivators were not convinced of the result, especially those who were eliminated because they absolutely wouldn't have the chance to enter any of the four major schools.

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