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   Chapter 1984 The Old Man Out Of Nowhere

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In the square, Austin stood stunned before the Talent Stela.

"I don't believe it. It must be wrong."

Austin shook his head with a wry smile.

He could not care less about these things as he knew his true capabilities. Over the years, he had relied on his own in enhancing his strength and skill.

In fact, Austin had never paid much attention to one's so-called talent and gift.

He was secure with his strength as a cultivator, and he was certain that if different masters of various sects admired him, so should the Talent Stela. Still, it came as a shock to be told that he was nothing more than an ordinary plain cultivator with no further potential.

The four old men next to the Talent Stela were appalled as well.

"That's impossible. He is the candidate for the Protector nominated by Master Kevin himself.

Surely, a person carefully selected by Master Kevin wouldn't be so inadequate, even if he is not the most gifted genius."

The four old men were speechless while exchanged glances.

"However, the Talent Stela has spoken.

Our task is to rank each disciple according to the ratification of the Talent Stela, and then choose new students according to the ranking.

The rest does not require out concern,"

an old man in grey clothes with hair half white and half black said to the other three old men.

"Yes, the Talent Stela is the only thing that matters. There is no need for us to worry about other things.

Although he is the candidate for the Protector handpicked by Master Kevin, we have no choice as long as the Talent Stela does not recognize him."

The other three elders nodded in agreement.

"Well, young man, you may leave now.

Don't get in the way of other people's tests,"

the old man in grey said to Austin.

"That's impossible. I don't believe the result.

Austin is an excellent cultivator and definitely the most powerful one among the young generation of our East Mainland.

I think there must be something wrong with the Talent Stela.

Please give Austin one

idn't join the four major schools, his life would not be as bad as everyone thought.

"Wait, young man!"

When Austin turned around and was about to leave the Talent Stela, a figure suddenly materialized out of the thin air and appeared beside him.

It was an old man with a young face, but his hair was all silver. He stared at Austin with a brilliant smile.


Austin turned around and looked at the old man who called him.

'A formidable master!'

Austin's spiritual sense force was tingling as it could not perceive the old man, who was just standing behind him!

When the spiritual sense swept across his body, it showed that there was nothing there.

"It's Master Anderson!"

As soon as the silvered-haired old man appeared, the four old men beside the Talent Stela were all shocked.

Then, everyone rushed over and surrounded the old man.

"Sir, Master Anderson, when did you come here?"

"We are just selecting some new disciples. It is quite an event, you know that,"

the four old men said to the man called Anderson with smile one after another.

At this time, all the martial artists in the East Mainland in the square knew that the old man who appeared out of nowhere must have a high status.

Otherwise, the four old men, the hosts of the selection process, would not speak to him with such a flattering attitude.

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