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   Chapter 1983 Austin's Talent

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Caroline slightly moved her body and reached the Talent Stela instantly.

She stretched out her slender hand, and it gave out a great amount of evil energy that whistled and swirled around her body.


Her evil energy created a massive palm and hit the stela in full force.

"She ranked first!"

Austin was overjoyed with the result.

Everyone in the square was amazed. They did not expect that the woman from the evil shadow race was very talented.

The selection was about to end as most of the participants had finished taking the test.

Caroline was now considered as an exceptional genius in cultivation since she ranked first in the test.

The four old men who stood beside the Talent Stela looked at each other and slightly nodded as they acknowledged Caroline's talent.

Caroline immediately went back to Austin's side.

Many young male cultivators in the square were very jealous of Austin as they looked at Caroline standing on his side.

Caroline was a very stunning woman. Her great talent in cultivation that she showed a while ago added to her charms. It was not surprising that a lot of young male cultivators would be attracted to her.

However, they knew that they didn't stand a chance with Caroline because she was already in a relationship with Austin.

"Ha-ha! Good job! Caroline. You're incredible,"

Austin said to Caroline.

"Oh, no! So now I only ranked second,"

Violet said with a pout.

"But since you are now my master's wife to be, I will not get mad at you,"

Violet naughtily whispered to Caroline.

"What are you talking about, Missy?"

Caroline playfully stretched out her hand and tried to pinch Violet's soft waist.

Violet giggled and dodged it immediately.

There was another good-looking girl that made her way to the stela.

"I'm Belle Xiao," she said in front of the Talent Stela.

The woman was Belle.

'I think she will have a high rank since she is very talented and has the Crystal Moonlight Body, '

Austin speculated.

Belle immediately hit the stela with her palm.


"She ranked second!"

Austin said in a low voice.

'Belle is talented. She also has the rare Crystal Moonlight Body, so it's no wonder that she ranked second, ' he thought.

The rest of the young cultivators went to the stela and took their test.

Finally, the selection was about to end. There were only a few remaining cultivators

omising compared to other cultivators."

Everyone now understood why Austin's name didn't appear on the stela.

"Austin is so powerful. Who would have thought that his talent and future development potential in martial arts will be this poor?

It's unbelievable."

Someone immediately shook his head.


I can't believe it."

"I'm so happy today."

"So it turns out that he is not talented in martial arts at all. Even though he is a bit stronger now, it still doesn't mean anything.

His future in martial arts is doomed.

He is now nothing but a trash!"

All those members of the three holy lands, the three noble clans, and other sects that had issues with Austin burst into laughter.

The group of people that stood next to Austin couldn't believe what they saw. They were all dumbfounded with the result of the stela.

"No way!

Over the years, I have witnessed how my master become stronger through his hard work. I'm very sure that my master is absolutely a genius in martial arts. There must be something wrong with that Talent Stela,"

Violet shouted.

Caroline, the gnome, and the other people who were close to Austin also found the result of the Talent Stela unbelievable.

At this point, there was an invisible old man above the square who had a shocked look all over his face.

"Did I see things clearly?

I can't believe that this young man is such a talent.

Will he be another exceptional genius in our Divine Continent?"

The old man's gaze pierced through the void and fixed on Austin. He was amazed by Austin's talent, and his heart was jumping with joy.

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