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   Chapter 1982 Talent Test (Part Two)

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"It's strange. Why haven't Elder Brendan led the disciples of our sect here?"

Austin murmured anxiously and looked around.

In fact, he had been waiting eagerly for the people from the Flame Holy Land to arrive there. And that was the reason why he hadn't make any move yet.

Just then, his face lit up.

"They are finally here! It took them forever,"

Austin muttered to himself, as he looked into the distant sky.

Elder Brendan was heading towards the square with a group of principal disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

In a blink of an eye, the horde landed with a loud thud on the huge square.

Austin hurriedly marched towards the people of the Flame Holy Land almost immediately.

"Elder Brendan, you are finally here, I was waiting for you. What took you so long?" he asked the elder excitedly.

"We did want to come much earlier. But during the last battle, our headquarters were in utter mess. We were busy fixing the buildings and were completely engaged.

Besides, I had to help Elder Sharp with repairing the Sect-protecting Array. So we got this late."

Elder Brendan explained the complete scenario to Austin who was quiet confused.

Austin quickly told the elder about the selection in detail as he had missed a huge part of it already.

"In this case, all our disciples don't have to wait any longer. All of you can go up to take the test right away,"

Elder Brendan directed to the disciples of the Flame Holy Land.

Therefore, the disciples of the Flame Holy Land also lined up according to the orders and took part in the selection.

A few moments later, Austin was surprised to find that Zoe ranked 12th after she hit the Talent Stela.

It meant that she could definitely enter one of the four m

e they had recognized him as another ancient beast.

The gnome summoned his demonic energy and punched the stela with all his might.


"You ranked second!"

Austin exclaimed unfathomable excitement.

"I'm better than you,"

Violet said to the gnome with a grin.

Later, Stacy and the Peacock Princess beside Austin, also took part in the test and got good results.

Peacock Princess ranked fifth.

Stacy ranked third.

Almost half of the top ten participants were Austin's friends. The sudden change in the situation left everyone present there absolutely flabbergasted.

At this time, people from the three holy lands and three noble clans all had long faces. They were not at all happy about the development.

Moments ago, most of those who ranked the top 10 were their disciples. They were ruling the game.

Now these people who were on good terms with Austin or were his friends were ranked in the top 10.

"It's time for me to try,"

Caroline said to Austin after a while finally.

"You should go and try your best, Caroline. Good luck with that. I am sure you will surprise us yet again."

Austin nodded encouragingly.

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