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   Chapter 1981 Talent Test (Part One)

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The contest continued with full vigor. The young cultivators who could not meet the levels and failed to make it into the top 400 were eliminated quickly.

"Let me have a go at it! Come on."

Suddenly, all the young cultivators present there stepped aside and made way for a slender young man in black clothes as he walked up to the Talent Stela to display and put to test his talent.

The young man in black who appeared suddenly shot the most spiteful glance at Austin. It was evident from his body language that he wanted to pounce upon Austin and destroy him.

This young man in black was the Max of the Ji Clan.

Despite his visible angst and rage towards Austin he controlled his anger.

"I'm Max Ji."

Max introduced himself in all grace and grandeur in front of the stela. Then the dark vital energy emerged from his body and gathered around his fist. He punched the stela with the full force that his body possessed.

"He won the first place!"

The whole place rumbled with the exclamations from different people present there.

Max's name showed up in the first grid on the top of the stela, showing that he was at the top of the list and ranked in the first position.

A reclusive elder of the Ji Clan laughed heartily when he saw Max's name on the first grid.

"Great job, Max. Well done!

May God always grace and bless our great clan. Looks like we got another genius except Henry," the reclusive elder said loudly and cheerfully as if it was his personal triumph.

"Max is gifted, smart and awesome!"

The young cultivators of the Ji Clan cheered up and gained the lost confidence back with Max being there.

"Humph. Some one really needs to recognize the real genius here!"

He gave Austin his most stern look. His face glowed with p

eeing how well his son had done.

'Up to now, almost half of the participants have taken part in the trials. Bray ranked fifth. Even if there are many cultivators who are more talented than him left, he will still rank in the top 400. This proved the fact that he was much more talented than the rest of his competitors. I am sure he is made for bigger things and he will master everything with finesse.

My son will be admitted to one of the four martial arts schools, ' Ward thought gladly and beamed in pride.

Bray returned to Austin.

"Am I living up to the mark? What do you think? See you in one of the four martial arts schools,"

he said to Austin proudly.

"There must be many beautiful, powerful girls in the four schools. Ha-ha! I can't wait to meet them and make the best use of the opportunities," he continued in a childlike happiness.

He began to imagine his life in one of the four martial arts schools.

Hearing this, Austin couldn't help but roll his eyes at Bray and turn away. 'This guy will never forget about marrying powerful, famous beautiful girls. Looks like he has made up his mind to keep it in the priority list, ' Austin thought to himself.

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