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   Chapter 1980 Deal

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"It's time for the test to begin!

If you wish to join any of the four schools, then line up. You will take turns to perform two simple things. Announce your name to the Talent Stela, and then attack!

The Talent Stela will rank you based on your age, talent, and potential.

Let us commence the test!"

The elder clad in grey announced and his voice was heard all over.

"I'll go first."

An eager and sturdy young man, looking confident and sure of himself, stepped out of the crowd and walked forwards, stopping directly in front of the Talent Stela.

The elder nodded.

"Duncan," the man announced his name to the Talent Stela and then prepared to attack.

To use the strongest attack possible, he began to run his vital energy force. Surges of it rushed out of his body, sparkling everywhere and the scene turning chaotic.


With a shout, the vital energy force around his body surged forwards and rushed towards the Talent Stela.

Since he wanted to take no chances in the test, he had gone all out against the Talent Stela in order to prove his worth to the latter.

As someone at the preliminary stage of Minor-perfection Realm, he was formidable enough to be considered and had released his strongest attack right here. Accompanied by a loud boom, the Talent Stela was hit forcefully, though it remained unmoved.

"What do you think of my ranking?"

Duncan retreated with a victorious smile, looking hopeful as he began to search for his name on the Talent Stela.

"Top of the list!"

The next moment, he erupted in joy, seeing his name in the first grid on the Talent Stela.

"Now, now. It's not that. No, you're the only one to have attacked the stela till now. Naturally, your name is on the top.

It doesn't prove anything."

The elder replied lightly.

"Oh," Duncan withdrew with an awkward smile.

The rest of the group sneered at his preposterous supposition.

Sure enough, when the second warrior stepped forward and launched an attack on the Talent Stela, Duncan's name dropped to the second place and another name appeared in the first one.

This meant that the second cultivator was more talented than Duncan.

Now, everyone had an idea of how the Talent Stela ranked their performance and wanted to be on top. The test progressed forwards gradually.

Numerous young warriors lined up, took part in the selection, and blasted at the Talent Stela with their mightiest move possible.

It didn't matter who took part in the test first. Your power decided your ranking.

Therefore, several of these warriors, especially those who were much more powerful than the rest of them, were in no hurry to take the test. Austin was also among them, and he was standing silently in a corner.

"Austin, we want to make a deal with you. If you r


After hesitating for a while, the reclusive elder also agreed to the price. What else could he do!

He thought that it would be worth the price he was paying it if two more people from his holy land could go to the four schools.

As a result, he also tossed a Space Ring towards Austin, which contained two semi-omnipotent herbs and three thousand superior herbs.

Austin kept true to his word and immediately released the Holy Son and the Holy Daughter of the Arcane Holy Land.

Very soon, the master of the Shen Clan, also sent a message to Austin by spiritual sense, requesting him to release Belinda.

And just as before, after asking for suitable compensation, Austin let her go.

After releasing four of his prisoners, Austin now had more than six thousand superior herbs at or above grade six and four semi-omnipotent herbs in his hand.

"That's a bumper harvest.

Now I only need 3000 superior herbs to refine the Immortal Body Refining Formula once again,"

Austin murmured to himself in a happy tone.

He had come to terms with the fact that if he wanted to cultivate the Immortal Body Refining Formula to it ultimate limit, he would need to repeat the process of refinement several times over, and he could achieve it in the end someday.

In any case, he began to pay attention to the ongoing trials in the center of the square.

By that time, 400 people had already taken the test.

This meant that an interesting twist was coming. The Talent Stela only showed 400 names at once.

The next contestant had to perform better than the one on the bottom of the list. Whoever it was, the 401th contestant meant that someone was going to be knocked out of the trials.

Those who were on top of the list felt relieved since their chances of staying in the race were high.

The low ranked disciples were getting worried and jumpy now.

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