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   Chapter 1979 Talent Stela

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A brownish yellow light emerged slowly from somewhere in the mountains.

The brownish yellow stream of light soared into the air, followed by a loud explosion.

To everyone's astonishment, a huge piece of land appeared in the sky above the Mighty Mountains.

"The venue for the selection test is the piece of land which you can see suspended in the sky. Now, everyone should come up to take part in the selection test."

The cold voice rang out as it made the announcement from the suspended land again.

The next moment, everyone began to fly up towards the land. No one wanted to be left behind.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Countless figures rushed from different positions on the ground below and flew up towards the suspended land, like locusts.

"Let's go upwards,"

said the Peacock King. Instantly he too flew towards the land.

The others followed him without any hesitation.

There was no one to be left behind, and Austin was among them.

Brady, Caroline, the gnome, and Violet followed him closely.

Soon, all of them landed on the suspended piece of land in the sky.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Austin was amazed. He could not help but admire it.

On landing, they saw a vast and boundless square that was on the suspended land.

The dense spiritual energy turned into a fog and drifted slowly in the air. All the people started to feel comfortable as they bathed in the misty fog.

After having a quick glance around, everyone's eyes were fixed on the center of the square.

In the center of the huge square, there was a shining stone, a stela.

The stela was huge. It was at least a thousand meters high, magnificent and sparkling.

"Hello, everyone! Welcome to the selection test of our four schools.

I don't want to talk much and delay the process.

Let me just inform you about the rules of the test.

This time, the four schools are going to recruit far more new students in the East Mainland than they have done earlier.

So, we are going to recruit four hundred new students in the East Mainland this time!"

Suddenly, four old men appeared beside the stone stela.

One of them, an old man in grey, slowly explained to everyone the rules. His hair was a mix of white and black.


Four hundred new recruits!

As soon as everyone heard the old man's words, their faces showed how unbelievable it was for them. The expressions on their faces conveyed their b

y continued in his calm voice.

Everyone listened carefully to his words.

"So, let me ask you all something. Have you all seen the stone stela at the center of the square?"

the old man in grey asked them, as he pointed towards the stone stela. It was still there, at the center of the square.

Everyone's eyes fell on the stone stela again. It still made them awestruck.

"This stone stela, which you can see here, is called the Talent Stela.

It is able to test a person's combat power, talent, potential, and so many other things. You can see that there are many engraved stripes from top to bottom on the stela.

Each stripe represents a rank. From top to bottom, there are more than a thousand stripes.

Every cultivator will get one chance. In just one attempt, the cultivator needs to hit the stela with one palm move.

The Talent Stela will show your ranking based on your age, talent, potential, and other factors.

Of course, it does not matter how many people participate in the ranking test. Only the first thousand would be shown each time.

Let me tell you, this time the selection for the new students of our four schools is based on the Talent Stela. The ones in the top four hundred will be eligible to enter our four schools and become our new students!"

the old man in grey said slowly so that his words were clear and would register in the minds of the listeners.

The Talent Stela!

What a wonderful magic treasure!

All the people there had their eyes fixed on the stone stela. They were amazed and impressed by it and looked at it with awe. Indeed, they secretly praised it in their hearts.

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