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   Chapter 1976 Killers Of The Slaughtering Sect

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Austin rushed towards the large cocoon. He then raised his hand, and five streams of sword aura with different colors came out.

Then at the same time, he summoned the demonic avatar through his spiritual sense and activated the third stage of World Sealing Tabooed Magic. Weird symbols immediately flew around the cocoon and sealed it.

Afterwards, he used his Omnipotent Bodily Skill. Both his hands and feet expanded and became as thick as those of the flood dragon. Long streams of blood and vital energy emanated from his body and twirled around it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Austin continuously punched and kicked the void beside the huge cocoon.


Painful screams were suddenly heard, and several shattered corpses fell out of the void.

The corpses were all wrapped in black robes.

"Slaughtering Sect! How dare you disturb Caroline while she is making a breakthrough? From now on, I will never let go of any one of you!"

Austin roared.


As soon as Austin finished his words, a dozen dark figures holding a long pitch-black sword suddenly appeared from the void and surrounded him.

The dark figures were killers from the Slaughtering Sect.

"Humph, impressive! You can really see through our attacks.

How did you do that?"

One of the killers asked Austin in a bleak and cold tone.

Austin did not reply. He once again raised his hand, and another five streams of long Five-element Sword Aura came out. It formed a swordplay array and swept towards the killers from the Slaughtering Sect.

Then he activated his spiritual sense, and a five-meter-high Supreme Spiritual Pot rushed out and attacked the soul sea of one of the killers from the Slaughtering Sect.


Austin attacked the killers from the Slaughtering Sect continuously. He activated his self-made bodily movement skill and rushed towards one of them. Then he activated the nine flaming stelas, and nine ancient stone tablets with majestic aura rushed out towards the same killer from the Slaughtering Sect.

That killer suddenly turned pale with fright and hurriedly tried to step backward.

But it was too late for him. Austin already activated his bodily movement skill to its full extent and moved as fast as lightning.

Austin's bodily movement skill was more powerful because it contained the essence of the Invisibility Skill.

The Infernal Scripture was naturally

"Austin! You should feel honored.

The management of the Slaughtering Sect even sent a senior killer like me, who has been in seclusion for many years just to complete this task of killing you.

You should be grateful because you will die with honor,"

the dark figure said coldly.

"Ha-ha! Do you really think you can kill me?"

Austin laughed wildly.

"From now on, all of you from the Slaughtering Sect will be my enemies forever!

Sooner or later, I will annihilate the evil Slaughtering Sect,"

Austin swore in a very cold and murderous tone.

"You are a very arrogant young man.

How dare you!

Our Slaughtering Sect has existed in the Divine Continent for a long time. We will always stand still and remain intact.

You are ridiculous! How could a brat like you, shamelessly brag like this?"

The dark figure couldn't help but laugh after hearing Austin's words.

"Humph, I'm a man of my word. I will make sure that the Slaughtering Sect will be destroyed,"

Austin said coldly.


Unfortunately, you don't have any chance to prove that.

Today, you are doomed to die,"

the dark figure said and shook his head.

"Go to hell!"

The dark figure's murderous will suddenly became stronger as he raised the long black sword in his hand and spun it out.

A phantom world with a mountain of corpses and blood suddenly appeared behind him. There were corpses, bones, and a sea of blood. Endless resentful souls were screaming in that world.

It was the Slaughtering Scripture of the Slaughtering Sect that created this kind of abnormal vision.

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