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   Chapter 1975 You Are Courting Death

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This attractive figure who had just appeared was Stacy Ren, daughter of the owner of the Deep Sea Commercial House.

Clad in a white dress, which was fluttering in the soft and fast mountain wind, an outline of her attractive figure was partly visible and she looked like a delicate fairy. Her noble face looked even more aloof from afar, like a celestial being had descended from the Heavenly Cold Palace.

Next to her was her father, Yannick.

"There Austin is. Let's get over there."

Yannick spotted Austin the moment he set foot in the Mighty Mountains and told his companions.

Very soon, Yannick, Stacy, and their followers landed on the hillside where Austin was standing and said hello to all of his friends.

Now, an alliance had been formed. The Flame Holy Land, the beast race of the East Mainland, the Deep Sea Commercial House, Ward, and the fire crow race had come together to form a mighty force that was worth a king's ransom. Since they were all familiar with each other, there was no friction and the chemistry was working great.

The hillside had now become crowded with cultivators and warriors.

So much so that the beast race's people had already ventured ahead to find a few other places nearby and were forced to send some groups there. Therefore, though it was crowded, there was still some breathing room left.

"Miss Stacy, are you alright?

I haven't seen you in a long, long time,"

Austin greeted Stacy with a warm smile.

He hadn't met her ever since she had gone missing.

"Yes, Austin. I am great. My father told me that you came looking for me when I was missing. Thank you so much!"

In front of Austin, Stacy's cool and holy temperament seemed to vanish, and a pretty little smile took its place.

"You're welcome. We are friends.

It was my duty to go search for you. I'm glad everything's okay,"

Austin answered.

"I am curious though. How did you manage to enter the Fallen Immortal World?"

he asked curiously.

"Ah, that! I was being chased by several killers and was trying to escape.

With them in my pursuit, I ran far and wide and finally reached somewhere near the Traverse Mountains. Since I was seriously injured and out of breath, I decided to enter the space crack directly.

Beyond my wildest dreams, I barged into the Fallen Immortal World through the space crack.

I was fortunate e

very quiet and unfrequented by cultivators and seemed to be the perfect place to undergo the Thunderstroke Doom.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin immediately transported the huge cocoon that encircled Caroline.

As he had expected, the cocoon was already shrouded with a very violent wave of evil energy, as if the wind inside it was roaring with a demonic power.

And above the cocoon, a shadow of the Evil God could be seen howling towards the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang

As soon as the cocoon was transported out of the City model, the evil energy exploded and shook the whole world around it.

The next moment, it imploded. The entire evil energy from dozens of miles around the place rushed towards the huge cocoon and gathered on its surface. For a moment, the world seemed to be locked in fire and roared with rage.

Austin also transported Priest Callum of the evil shadow race out of the City model.

However, the duo kept a distance from the cocoon to protect Caroline from being attacked.

A moment later, high up in the sky, thick clouds began to gather in one place, coming in from all over the world.

Pretty soon, a dense super-cloud was formed, and lightning began to flash. The Thunderstroke Doom was approaching.

Suddenly, Austin's expressions changed when he saw that something had happened.

"Damn it!"

Austin cursed and he rushed out in surprise as he suddenly felt people approaching.

"You are courting death!"

Austin rushed to the cocoon that encircled Caroline and reached it in an instant, roaring at something in distance in anger.

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