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   Chapter 1974 Gathering At The Might Mountains

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"What?! There's a passageway connecting different worlds?"

Austin asked in disbelief. His eyes widened in shock at the very thought that something like that existed.

"Yes, it has long since been a secret in the Divine Continent.

The four major schools have resided on the Divine Continent for a long time now, so their prosperity is difficult to imagine.

And only those who become principal disciples of the four major schools are qualified to know the secret.

What's more, they had been existing for such a long time to be able to select the most gifted talent in the Divine Continent.

Now, these real talents trained by the four major schools didn't just face other talents from the Divine Continent, but they also faced those coming from other worlds.

However, master, as a candidate for Protectors, I recommend that you don't just focus on the Divine Continent,"

Brady explained.

Austin absorbed whatever Brady just had told him and nodded in reply.

"In that case, I will have to try," Austin said.

Besides, he was also interested in traveling outside the Divine Continent and explore other big and small worlds.

As a cultivator, he was aware that the wider and broader the stage he was facing, the better it would be for his development. He could not just focus on one stage, because for sure, there would be more experiences he could learn from outside.

Given the chance, since the four schools were a channel that connects to the other small worlds, Austin decided to give it a try.

"You know, it's going to take a couple of days to reach the Mighty Mountains, so you better get ready to go," Brady said.

Austin pondered for a moment before he made his final decision.

After deciding, using his spiritual sense, he sent a message to the Flame Emperor, telling him about his decision to go to the Mighty Mountains to apply to the four schools.

Not long after, the Flame Emperor replied, "I'll go with you."

The Flame Emperor was merely in the form of a spiritual soul, and he was only safe when he was with Austin.

Moreover, the Land of Life-and-death was in the Middle Pilgrim Land, and so it would be a must for him to go there with Austin.

Without waiting for another day, Austin left the imperial capital city of the Cloud Empire and headed straight for the Mighty Mountains.

In the previous days, a large number of young cultivators also left the East Mainland and headed for the Mighty Mountains in hopes that they would get accepted in the four major schools.

Joining the four major schools was a great opportunity for young cultivators to change and improve their lives.

Because once they got accepted and joined the four schools, they would be looked upon and respected throughout the Divine Continent.

As students of the four major schools, no matter how they looked, no matter where they went, they were always b

roops of the Middle Pilgrim Land, the four schools, and the seven major sects in the East Mainland besieged the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

While all other allied forces of the Flame Holy Land had come to help, the Han Clan chose not to send anyone to the Flame Holy Land.

Under the circumstances, all the high-level members of the Han Clan believed that there was no hope for the Flame Holy Land, and they would be completely destroyed.

Therefore, the Han Clan had made a decision to give up on the Flame Holy Land for they, too, did not want to get on the bad side of the those destroying the land.

Then again, nobody expected how the situation ended.

The Flame Holy Land displayed terrifying and very powerful strength. Five of the ancestors had come back to life, and one of them was a great master at Immortal Transforming Realm.

After hearing such news, the high-level officials of the Han Clan all regretted their decision.

At once, they sent people to the Flame Holy Land in hopes of reestablishing their connection. However, Elder Sharp remembered clearly how they did not help, so he was indifferent to them and ignored their pleas.

With that, the relationship between the Flame Holy Land and the Han Clan was put to an end.

No wonder why the Han Clan did not greet Austin when they saw him. Austin shrugged and knew that it wasn't his loss.

His thoughts were interrupted when Bray suddenly gave another loud shout, loud enough for the people around to hear.

"Austin, look! They are from the Deep Sea Commercial House!

It's your Stacy!"

As the people turned to where Bray was pointing, Austin could not help but frown, wishing that Bray would stop embarrassing himself.

Then again, he shrugged this off as his attention was immediately drawn to a person, flying towards the mountains.

"Well, it looks like she has made a great progress indeed,"

Austin said to himself.

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