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   Chapter 1973 The Importance Of The Four Schools (Part Two)

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"I haven't seen my parents for a thousand years! If I tell you I am not nervous, that would be a lie. Anyway, I'm sure you can tell,"

the Flame Emperor answered and pursed his lips.

With the help of a dozen eunuchs, a couple came out of the small alleyway.

They were old and their heads were covered with white hair. They were also trembling and were obviously very weak. Eunuchs had to support them as they walked out of the alley.

They were the parents of the Flame Emperor.

Austin realized that they were both cultivators at the Major-perfection Realm, but their cultivation base had been suppressed for a long time and now they did not differ from ordinary people who had never practiced martial arts.

The Flame Emperor's uncle Roy must have suppressed their power to make sure they could not escape.

Austin touched his Space Ring and took out several kinds of precious natural materials, including two semi-omnipotent herbs, a small bottle of Magic Sea Water, a jar of the divine wine, and two semi-divine pills. He then handed them to the Flame Emperor.

"Give these to your parents. These will help them recover quickly,"

Austin said.

The treasures were worth one's weight in gold. They could help the Flame Emperor's parents restore their strengths and power.

The Flame Emperor took them without any hesitation. He knew these treasures would be well used.

He then hurried to the entrance of the alley, holding the treasures in his hands tightly.

At the entrance to the alley, his parents were surrounded by many ministers and generals and were being hailed as the emperor and the empress. It was a joyous moment for everyone.

Except for the Flame Emperor's parents, they seemed to have no idea of w

rs of the entire East Mainland, especially the young warriors who desired to enter the four major schools, became extremely excited.

"Master, give your best and be admitted by one of the four schools,"

Brady said to Austin, knowing about the news.

"Really? Why?

I don't even think the disciples of the four major schools are that powerful.

Even if I just stay in the East Mainland, I can still cultivate myself,"

Austin said.

"Master, do not underestimate the four schools.

They are not ordinary schools.

Also, you are a candidate for the Protector and you must enter the four schools.

Once you are admitted by them, you will find yourself in a completely different world.

If you become a core disciple of one of the four schools, you will face countless big and small worlds out there, not just the Divine Continent.

Let me put it in a simple way. The four schools are the gateway connecting the Divine Continent and the other big and small worlds.

If you don't enter one of them, your world will just revolve around the Divine Continent. You can't go out of the circle.

Do you understand?"

Brady explained slowly.

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