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   Chapter 1971 The Reclusive Elder Of The Arcane Holy Land (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5623

Updated: 2020-01-23 00:03

There was a trace of hatred in the emperor's eyes.

After all, the Flame Emperor had killed the crown prince and the empress.

If only he could, he would definitely avenge their deaths.

"How dare you commit murders in the imperial capital city!" shouted the reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land again.

His voice resounded throughout the space.

"You'd better surrender yourself and kneel on the ground. Then disable your cultivation base and atone for your mistakes. Don't wait for me to do it for you," ordered the reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land.

He was staring at Austin with his sharp eyes.

"Humph! A mere master at Heavenly Grotto Realm from the Arcane Holy Land asks me to kneel?" sneered Austin.

He didn't show any panic at all.

"What? You seem to be so proud of yourself, young man. Don't you know that people like you die young?"

The reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land was surely surprised at Austin's response.

He didn't expect that Austin would be this plucky.

However, what Austin did had really enraged him. A killing intent surged in his eyes. Obviously, he was already preparing to kill Austin.

"Austin... Elder, this man seems to be Austin! He is Austin from the Flame Holy Land!"

All of a sudden, a middle-aged man spoke up. He stood beside the reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land.

His face turned white as paper as if he had seen a ghost.

He couldn't believe that Austin was right in front of him right now. He even blinked repeatedly to make sure he wasn't just seeing things.

"He was Austin from the Flame Holy Land!"

What he had just said was like a thunderbolt from the sky. Eve

nitely serious.

He was determined to do as he said.

"You!" said the reclusive elder between gritted teeth.

"Austin, don't be too arrogant. Do you think I can't kill you now? If I actually do it, it will be too late for your Flame Holy Land to retaliate and save you!"

The reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land was now boiling with anger.

He was ready to kill Austin this time.

All of a sudden, Brady came out of the Slave Tower.

He stood beside Austin immediately.

"I'll count to three. If you still don't leave, I won't mind killing a reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land," warned Austin again.

This time, his voice was cold and ruthless.

The reclusive elder turned his eyes to Brady who had just arrived beside Austin. He couldn't help but narrow his eyes and a hint of fear flashed through them.

"Austin, this is not over yet. You just wait!"

The reclusive elder of the Arcane Holy Land waved his sleeve and rushed out of the imperial capital city in a flash.

The warriors of the Arcane Holy Land followed him one by one. They all left the imperial capital city too.

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