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   Chapter 1969 The Flame Emperor's Revenge

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"Your Majesty, please forgive us for arriving so late. You must already be upset."

The whole street shook all of a sudden. A troop of armed soldiers appeared at both ends of the street and rushed over.

It was actually the emperor who had secretly ordered a large army to come here.

Soon enough, the street were flooded with armies. Many people were shocked and they didn't know what to do.

There were also some armies coming near the imperial capital city.

The whole imperial capital city was shocked.

More and more armies appeared on the street.

Moreover, the street where Austin and the group of Royal carriages were was besieged by so many armies. It would be difficult for anyone to go in or out.

However, Austin wasn't terrorized at all.

"Ha-ha! You're wasting your time. It's useless to have so many people here," said Austin with a faint smile.

He then moved and vanished into thin air.

"Where the hell did that kid go? How can he disappear all of a sudden just like that?"

"He was here just now. Did he run away by using some demonic skills?"

Everyone was in an uproar when Austin suddenly disappeared.

They didn't see it coming.

The next moment, the emperor suddenly turned pale with fright.

"Here! Everybody, he's here!" roared the emperor.

Everyone turned and rushed towards the emperor.

However, they all froze when a cold light flashed and a sharp white sword suddenly appeared on the emperor's neck.

A terrible killing intention thoroughly enveloped him.

The emperor was so shocked when Austin appeared beside him while looking at him with a sneer.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?" asked the emperor in a trembling voice.

He was really confused why Austin was doing it to him.

"I can't remember any enmity between us even in the past," he added.

This time, the emperor's face turned as white as paper.

Austin was really giving him a horrible feeling.

He knew that having so many armies around was useless when faced with such a strong cultivator like Austin.

Even if hundreds of thousands of soldiers came here, this young man could still kill him easily.

"Yes, you're right. We are not enemies," answered Austin.

"But someone else I know has a serious problem with you."

Austin smirked and the sword in his hand shook. The blade of his sword hit the emperor.

Because of the force emitted by the sword, the emperor was thrown into the air and fell right next to the crown prince.

"Ahhh!" the empress cried out in horror.

She then ordered the armies to capture Austin.

"Come on! Catch the traitor and kill him and his family immediately!"

However, Austin also hit the empress with his vital energy force. She flew and fell beside the emperor.

"Austin, let me out this time," said the Flame Emperor inside Austin's Soul Sea.

He was now very eager to come out and face these people again.

"Okay," agreed Austin.

"But you need a physical body first. You can't face your enemies in the form of a spiritual soul. You need to be

s will.

These were the soldiers gathered by the Deep Sea Commercial House.

After the news had spread out, not only did the Deep Sea Commercial House but also the beast race, the fire crow race, and Ward gathered a lot of people and rushed towards the imperial capital city.

They only had one reason of coming here. Austin who was the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land needed help.

In a moment, the tens of thousands of soldiers completely dispersed the army of the royal family.

"Overthrow the emperor!"

"You are in no position to rule! You don't deserve to be an emperor!"

In every street and alley of the imperial capital city, the roars of the people could be heard everywhere.

The royal army started to give up and surrender gradually.

They knew that the imperial capital city had already fallen and the enemies had already taken over the whole city. There was nothing they could do about it anymore.

The large number of ministers and generals also stopped resisting.

"You are done now," said the Flame Emperor in a cold voice.

He then turned to Hardy and looked at him with his murderous eyes.

"And you, Hardy! I never had issues with you at that time. I even treated you as a friend."

The Flame Emperor's voice was full of resentment.

"But you willingly took his command to kill me. You let greed control you. I will get even with you today!"

The Flame Emperor didn't want to show any mercy anymore. This was his time to avenge his brother and himself.

"I don't have anything to do with all this. It's my damn father and Hardy's doing. Please let me go," pleaded the crown prince.

He knew that they were all over now. No one could help them anymore.

What he wanted to do was to save himself from the rage of the Flame Emperor.

"You bastard!"

The emperor trembled with anger when he heard what his son had said.

"Ha-ha! Do you really think I will let any of you go? All of your family members will die!"

The Flame Emperor sneered and kicked the crown prince's head suddenly.

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