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   Chapter 1968 Take Action

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9188

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Whoever this guy was, he had guts, but lacked brains. The crown prince, after marrying two ladies, had come out on the streets with his parents to celebrate. And slap bang in the middle of that procession, this guy had jumped on the streets to block the royal carriages' path.

Everyone was stunned.

This guy was clearly a fool.

All eyes fell on Austin, who was standing in the center of the street.

"Go to hell!

Guards. Throw this idiot in prison! The worst kind of prison!"

It didn't take long for the protective detail of the royal carriages to react.

A middle-aged man in a purple robe rushed out of the crowd around the royal carriages. Standing in front of the group, he waved his hand and shouted a command.

Immediately, more than a dozen imperial guards ran towards Austin with shiny spears in their hands.

"There, that's him. That is Hardy alright. He sneaked behind me and attacked me, almost managing to kill me. It was this man who forced me into this miserable state. I am a half-human and half-ghost only because of him!"

The moment the purple robed man appeared out of the crowd, the Flame Emperor roared in Austin's Soul Sea.

"Calm down. He is not going to run anywhere this time."

Austin assured the Flame Emperor.

"You son of a bitch! Be damned and get away from here!"

At that moment, the royal guards had almost reached Austin and were about to make their move.

Austin smiled faintly. There was a slight tremor on his lips and instantly, a powerful vital energy force was released towards his attackers.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The guards were thrown into the air and fell down several thousand meters away.

"How dare you!

You're trying to mess with the royal family, you brat! I'll have your head for this!"

The purple robed man, who Austin now knew as Hardy, flew into a rage on this sight and rushed towards Austin himself.

As a cultivator at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm, Hardy was extremely capable and could easily take care of several opponents at once.

However, Austin noticed something interesting: the vital energy force Hardy had was very weak and unstable. It was likely that he had forced himself to reach the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm by taking some pills or other unnatural means.

So his strength was not even close enough to Austin's.

Even cultivators who were at the Major-perfection Realm and had practiced formidable secret skills from the top sects and four major schools of Middle Pilgrim Land had been defeated by Austin. This man was a joke in front of them.

His strength was ridiculously and laughably low.


Hardy released his vital energy force and threw it towards Austin. Though

rom some other land.

"Go and ask the elder of the Arcane Holy Land to come over and help!"

The emperor whispered to a minister who was standing next to him.

The minister turned around and secretly left in a hurry.

"Brat! Stop!"

Austin was still walking towards the troops of the royal family; very slowly, and very menacingly. Dozens of ministers and generals rushed towards Austin, preceded by hundreds of guards.

"Get out of my way!"

Austin stretched out his right arm and swept forward with a beam of light as thick as a flood dragon.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All the ministers, generals and royal soldiers were sent flying into the distance. They fell down, most of them dead, and others critically injured, thousands of meters away.

The sight was shocking and horrifying: one man, taking over an entire royal family.

Everyone had realized how powerful the young man was and were holding their breath to see what happened next!

Pretty soon, Austin walked over and stopped in front of the crown prince.

The crown prince was only at the premium stage of Minor-perfection Realm. Also, the foundation of his vital energy force seemed superficial. His real fighting ability must have been very weak.

Austin noticed that and directly dragged the crown prince off his horse, tossing him onto the ground mercilessly.


The crown prince shrieked in pain. His bones were almost broken into confetti by the impact.

"How dare you, brat! Who the hell are you!

What do you want? Why are you against the royal family?

You idiot! You should know that the royal family of the Cloud Empire is aligned with the Arcane Holy Land.

You mess with our royal family, you mess with them. Can you really afford the consequences?"

The emperor roared at Austin when his son was targeted.

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