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   Chapter 1966 The Two Beauties

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Austin rode the red flood dragon horse, passing through several big cities and using the city's teleportation arrays for long distance transportation.

After a few days of grueling journey, they were now near the Cloud Empire.

"Cloud Empire... I have finally returned," the Flame Emperor mumbled to himself

He had mixed emotions as he looked at the familiar place in front of him. It was a combination of excitement, love, disappointment, and admiration.

Austin couldn't help but sigh as he thought of what the Flame Emperor had been through.

"Hey! Flame Emperor, didn't you just brag that you had a lot of beautiful women that served you in bed?

Now that we are here, I can finally see your beauties. I think it will be very interesting to see them back in your arms, ha-ha!"

Austin tried to distract the Flame Emperor by teasing him.

"What are you talking about? Even if there weren't three thousand women in the Cloud Empire, there should be at least more than one thousand of them. I was always surrounded by these beauties when I was here.

Now I suddenly remembered the two most beautiful girls in the entire Cloud Empire. They were called Jennifer and Audrey. Their beauty was ethereal like a delicate flower, and they were as lovely as fairies.

These beauties couldn't resist my charms. In the end, both of them fell onto my lap and then later into my bed.

Young man, when it comes to experiences with beauties you are far behind.

I think our difference was about a light-year!"

The mood lightened up as they talked about the beauties. The Flame Emperor became excited as he recalled his romantic past.

"Jennifer and Audrey?

The two most beautiful women in the entire Cloud Empire were both charmed by you.

You are not just bragging, are you?"

Austin pouted.

"What? Hey! Boy, what's wrong with you? Don't you believe me?

Humph! You can think whatever you like. You'll know when the time comes.

Brat, I'm not exaggerating.

Your cultivation is much stronger than me in the past.

But when it comes to girls, I'm much better than you. You are nothing compared to me."

The Flame Emperor gave Austin a scornful glance as he was not at par with him when it came to women.

The conversation with Austin brightened the Flame Emper

in's Soul Sea, suddenly became furious as he also heard the discussions of the people around him.

"Damn it! The new crown prince is going to take my Jennifer and Audrey in as his concubines!


the Flame Emperor shouted.


Are you Prince Gray?"

Austin asked the Flame Emperor.

"Yes, you're right. I am Gray, the prince they were talking about"

the Flame Emperor answered.

"I thought you were just bragging a while ago. So these two beauties were really your maids,"

Austin said.

"Brat! I'm an honest man. I never brag.

You must stop the crown prince. Don't let him take my two favorite girls as his concubines.

Fuck! How dare that bastard take my women! If I'm not in this state right now, I'll kill him immediately!"

the Flame Emperor said to Austin.

"Relax! Don't worry. I won't let him get his way,"

Austin answered.

He immediately entered the imperial capital city after he paid the entrance fee.

Austin's first impression of the Cloud Empire's capital city was that it was quite prosperous.

Everywhere was packed with people. The streets were lined up with teashops and restaurants. Specialty stores like meat shops, pill shops, magic treasure shops, and auction houses could also be seen.

"Flame Emperor, we are finally here. So what is our next step? Do you want to break into the Imperial Palace and interrogate your uncle? Should we wait and see first before we take any action?

It's all up to you,"

Austin asked as he walked down a street.

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