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   Chapter 1965 The Identity Of The Flame Emperor

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"Boy, I've told you once how I left the Divine Continent and went to the Prime Martial World.

It was mainly because of something that I accidentally heard. It was about a mysterious cave.

I made up my mind and was preparing to head for that cave.

Somehow one of my friends learnt about that. He wanted to join me but I refused.

After that, he hurt me very badly and forced me to tell him about the location of that cave.

Later, I saw a chance and ran away from his subordinates when he was away.

It was a lucky coincidence that I triggered an ancient teleportation array as I ran. That is how I was teleported to the Prime Martial World,"

the Flame Emperor started to narrate everything to Austin.

"Yes, I remember that you did tell me earlier about it. I remember that."

Austin nodded.

"Well, the real reason is more complicated than what I told you.

When I first met you, I felt that you were just a weak little boy.

So I didn't tell everything about it to you. It's not complete information!"

The Flame Emperor sighed which meant that he was convincing himself to reveal something more now.

"I am actually a member of the royal family from the Cloud Empire on the Divine Continent.

My grandfather was the emperor.

For some unknown reason, there is a very strange phenomenon related to my clan. It is that there are less men and more women in our clan.

Most of our family members were females. There were always lesser men.

You wouldn't believe but there was a period when there was only one boy of each generation. That period lasted nine generations.

My grandfather had two sons.

They were my father and my uncle.

So, at that time, either my father or my uncle had the right to take the thrown. One of them would be the successor.

My father and uncle had been fighting, openly and secretly, over the years to be the crown prince and future emperor.

Later, grandfather decided to let my father accede to the throne and announced him as the crown prince.

The reason for my grandfather's decision was that my uncle had only one son. My cousin wasn't talented in cultivation and idled away time.

On the other hand, my father has two sons. My brother and I were talented and promising."

The Flame Emperor went on to tell Austin about himself in detail.

Austin listened patiently. Indeed he was curious to know more about the Flame Emperor.

"Grandfather was about to abdicate and my

rcial House, the beast race, the fire crow race and Ward anytime you want.

We have already established an alliance with these forces and we hope the relationships grow stronger.

As long as you want, you'll have the people of any of my and these forces under you command at any time,"

Elder Sharp said to Austin.

"Okay! I'll keep that in mind."

Austin took the Contact Jade Slip with a slight nod. He was glad by the concern shown for him by all of them.

Soon, he left the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land alone and headed for his destination, the Cloud Empire.

It was a long journey from the headquarters to the Cloud Empire.

Austin didn't hurry with his journey. He bought a red flood dragon horse and rode towards his destination.

Whenever Austin was in the Prime Martial World, his flying magic treasure was always the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

But now the chariot had become too slow for Austin.

Once the chariot started to get slow, Austin started looking for other options. He always wanted to find another flying treasure, but he hadn't found one that he liked.

It was autumn now. The leaves of the plants turned yellow and dry; fallen leaves covered the ground.

Austin knew that he was getting closer to the Cloud Empire.

On the way, he saw maple leaves, pine trees and cypress. The blue sky and white clouds moved along with the cool breeze. The pleasant scenery made him happy and he seemed to be in a good mood.

Austin felt like he was out sightseeing. It had been a long time when he had been so relaxed and appreciated the beautiful and mesmerizing landscape like the one before him.

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