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   Chapter 1964 In Time for Revenge

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In the Flame Holy Land, a group of people were gathered around Mr. Fang. Elder Sharp and other major masters were talking to him meticulously.

Being in the presence of a great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm was considered a great honor, let alone engaging in conversation with him. Everyone had revered him, and treated him as their superior.

Even Elder Sharp and the five middle-aged men who had just been resurrected were a little uneasy when they faced him.

After all, in the Divine Continent, a great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm was deemed the most powerful of them all.

Mr. Fang did not stay in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land for too long.

After two hours, he flew away.

"Come to the Five Elements City and find me, if you like. We can have some tea while talking,"

Mr. Fang told Austin with a smile before leaving.

"Of course. I shall visit you when I am free,"

Austin answered.

The other forces that had come to aid the Flame Holy Land in battle also bade farewell afterwards.

Meanwhile, the people of the Flame Holy Land had also started the restoration of the headquarters after having it gone through warfare.

Fortunately, there were no casualties who held an important position in the headquarters because of the shielding of the Sect-protecting Array.

However, the surrounding area of the headquarters was significantly impacted and cratered because of the epic battle. Most of the mountains were also blown to the ground. The scene was horrible.

Essentially, the headquarters of a sect not only reflected its state of affairs, but also its fate.

Therefore, restoring the headquarters from its previous glory was not only a pressing matter, but it must also be done cunningly.

Elder Brendan, on the other hand, had ordered men to accompany the majority of their disciples on their way back home.

Before the skirmish, lots of disciples of the Flame Holy Land were secretly sent to an unknown place in order to avoid the upcoming disaster.

Now that the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land was safe, these people were naturally summoned back.

Soon, the news of what happened in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land spread everywhere in the East Mainland and reached the ears of every warrior.

"A great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm?

Could it be true?

That day, were there really three great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Lan

f his spiritual soul had been drained.

Naturally, his acquisition of the Soul-nourishing Bead was advantageous to his intent to restore the energy of his spiritual soul.

When Austin was about to enter the state of cultivation in the practicing room, he heard the whisper of the Flame Emperor.

The Flame Emperor and Austin talked for a while to acquaint themselves with the recent events of each other's lives. After indulging themselves with their current life situations, the Flame Emperor had fundamental knowledge on Austin's recently renowned strength.

"Well, boy, now that your illustrious strength have become esteemed, surely you can consider avenging for me,"

the Flame Emperor said to Austin.

"Well, tell me who your enemy is.

I have asked you several times before. If you had told me earlier, I would have avenged you sooner,"

Austin said.

"You were not ready before.

So, I have been waiting.

But now the Flame Holy Land has particularly developed to such a degree that it can be considered the most powerful in the continent. And you yourself have flourished in such a young age. What a fine warrior you still will be.

It's time for revenge,"

the Flame Emperor said.

"I shall reveal to you my previous identity in the East Mainland, along with the wicked names of my enemies,"

the Flame Emperor added.


Austin was eager to know everything about the Flame Emperor.

After all, the reason why Austin had left the Prime Martial World for the Divine Continent was because of the Flame Emperor.

If it hadn't been for the Flame Emperor, he would have been in the Prime Martial World until today.

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