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   Chapter 1963 What's Wrong With The World

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Austin didn't go after them. He was not able to kill Henry because of Percy's presence.

The old man with grey beard and hair whose surname was Fang as he introduced, couldn't stop his laughter.

"Holy Heritor! Since you keep on winning, here is your loot!" he said with amused expression on his face.

He slowly stretched out his sleeves. Then six semi-omnipotent herbs, three white lotuses, and two purple pills, all of which gave off strong fragrance, appeared in front of Austin.

Then there was a dead silence.

Everyone's eyes were focused on Austin.

He was able to defeat Henry with ease and much faster compared to the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

So far, Austin had defeated two young talents. One was from the four schools and the other was from an ancient sect of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

His opponents were very frustrated and humiliated with the result.

The young disciples from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools used to look down on young cultivators from the other four regions of the Divine Continent.

Everyone knew about Austin and his terrifying potential. What happened today proved his power.

He already achieved so much at a young age, and his skills would definitely reach an extremely high level in the future.

"Humph, let's go," said Elder Saul of the Unworldly Sect.

He glanced at Austin with a sullen face. Then he waved his sleeve, turned around, and quickly disappeared.

"Let's go," Percy from the White Tiger School said indifferently.

Then he also turned around and disappeared.

The disciples of the Unworldly Sect and the White Tiger School all left at the same time. They immediately followed their leaders and dashed towards the distant sky.

Many young and strong cultivators from the other ancient sects and the other three schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land had intended to stay and challenge Austin.

But they witnessed the fight. Elder Saul of the Unworldly Sect and Percy of the White Tiger School were two great masters from the Middle Pilgrim Land and were at the Immortal Transforming Realm. They couldn't beat Austin.

Besides, Austin had powerful helpers. A great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm and a large group of powerful cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm were watching to keep things in order.

Therefore, the young and strong cultivators of the other ancient sects from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the other three schools decided not to challenge Austin.

They did not want to get on the bad side of the great master and the powerful cultivators.

So they all decided to retreat.

The people from the Middle Pilgrim Land and the four schools started to leave one by one.

They were the total opposite when they came in, wherein they were full of intent to crush Austin and destroy

eadquarters because of the sea of people that came around.

Inside the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, there was an old man whose family name was Fang that was surrounded by everyone.

All the masters were there, including Elder Sharp, the five middle-aged men who came back to life, the old Taoist of the fire crow race, several great masters of the beast race including the Peacock King, the bandit Ward, and Yannick.

They gathered around the old man and stared at him with respect and fear.

Everyone had a heartfelt admiration towards the old man.

He was the focus of everyone's attention because he was a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

"Wow! A great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm! He is a real master at the Immortal Transforming Realm! Austin, tell me, are we dreaming? We are so lucky to meet a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Austin! Quickly, pinch my arm. I want to check if I am dreaming or not."

Bray was stupefied as he stared at the old man.

"Hey! Try to calm down, okay?"

Austin, who was not that surprised pushed Bray away.

"Sir, thank you very much for what happened today,"

Austin went up and spoke respectfully to the old man.

"Ha-ha! You're welcome, Holy Heritor.

In fact, you and I have some kind of relationship.

You are one of the Sword Emperor's disciples right?

I served him for quite some time. Then he taught me many things, and I learned a lot from him.

So we are fellow brothers in some ways.

Since I'm obviously older than you, I'll just call you Austin. Is that alright?"

the old man said and then laughed.

All the martial artists around them were startled by the old man's words.

How could a great master at the Immortal Transforming Realm be a young man's fellow brother? What was wrong with the world?

How could Austin be so lucky?

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