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   Chapter 1960 Nine Balls Of Lightning

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"Okay, I promise you!" answered Henry.

However, he glared at Austin helplessly.

"Humph! Rubbish, stop wasting time. Face me now!" snapped the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

He saw that Austin was just bargaining with Henry.

"If you fight against me, you will definitely die! You won't have any chance to bargain like what you're doing with Henry. Come here quickly now!"

The Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect was very determined to defeat Austin.

He wasn't planning to show any mercy on Austin.

"Well, since you are really in a hurry to die, I'll help you!"

Austin appeared to be decisive now. He moved forward towards the Holy Son.

"Austin, you have to think it through. Remember, he is the Holy Son of an ancient sect in the Middle Pilgrim Land,"

Elder Sharp suddenly warned Austin.

"It's okay. Don't worry about me, Elder Sharp. I'm not afraid of him," said Austin with a smile.

He knew that Elder Sharp was only worried about him.

Austin had fought against the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect in the Fallen Immortal World so he already knew his strength.

He was at the medium stage of Major-perfection Realm. However, his strength was more powerful than that of those ordinary cultivators at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm.

In short, he was a talented cultivator.

Austin wasn't underestimating him but he only knew that he could be a match for him too.

"Okay. Just be careful," agreed Elder Sharp.

He knew Austin well. Once Austin had already made up his mind, no one could change it. So Elder Sharp didn't persist on stopping him anymore.

Moreover, Elder Sharp believed that as a young cultivator, Austin must gain more experience in order to grow. He had to go through such competitions and fights to learn many things. If Austin died, then there was nothing he could do about it.

The world of cultivators was normally full of blood and killings.

"Ha ha! Go to hell, loser!"

the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect laughed madly.


A golden halberd suddenly appeared in his hand.

He flew into the air, until up above the clouds. He then dove down towards Austin from the sky like a meteorite.

The golden halberd's light bloomed. It was so bright that it lit up the entire space. It was aimed at Austin.

The Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect was tall and lean with jet-black hair scattering all over his shoulders. With the bright light shining all over his body, he looked like a god of war who was incomparably powerful.

The halberd emitted dazzling golden light accompanied by a terrible energy pressure. It seemed v

e Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect in a cold voice.

"I advise that you keep a low profile in your next life. Don't provoke anyone that you cannot afford to offend."

Based on the Holy Son's tone of voice, he was seemed certain that he could kill Austin this time.

There was no mercy left in him.

"Die!" shouted the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

The nine golden lightning balls in the air suddenly trembled.

Then they all rushed towards Austin in an astonishing speed. They were giving off an extremely horrible energy.

"Okay, let me try the power of the Nine Flaming Stelae Array," murmured Austin.

Even a slightest trace of panic couldn't be seen on his face.

He made some gestures with both hands quickly. The golden vital energy inside his body rushed out like a great river.


The space where Austin was standing shook violently. Then a thick large golden stone stela with an ancient aura appeared beside him.


Another rumbling sound was heard. The space around Austin vibrated constantly and ancient stone stelas of the same height appeared one at a time. They surrounded Austin's body.

Some mysterious ancient symbols were engraved in each of the stone stela.

They were the Nine Flaming Stelae Array that Austin had cultivated not so long ago.

This was another skill given to Austin by the beautiful middle-aged woman in the Fallen Immortal World.

The three martial arts skills that the woman offered to Austin were actually often used by the former owner of the Fire Stela.

Austin believed that the level and power of these three martial arts skills could absolutely match those martial arts skills of the ancient sects and the four major schools of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

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