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   Chapter 1958 A Challenge

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The Holy Son of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect also stared at Austin with his cold eyes.

"Austin, you killed a dozen principal disciples of our Heavenly Mysterious Sect in the bamboo forest, right?" he asked.

"Yes, I did. So what? They were trying to disturb my meditation, knowing it could have got me killed. Didn't they only deserve to die?" answered Austin indignantly.

He smiled smugly at the Holy Son of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect.

"You..." The Holy Son was reeling in anger.

"Humph! Don't think that you can kill anyone as you please just because you have a mysterious identity, Austin. I want to challenge you right now," he added.

Austin just laughed at what the Holy Son had said.

"Ha ha! Do you dare to fight with me?"

The Holy Son of the Heavenly Mysterious Sect flared up when he saw Austin's reaction.

He was gritting his teeth in anger.

"I know that you are strong, Austin. After all, you took away the divine wine, the ultimate magical treasures, and even the most precious inherited martial skill from me in the Fallen Immortal World. However, I still want to challenge you now," said the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect.

"If you can defeat me, I won't trouble you anymore. But if you lose, you should give me everything you've got from the Fallen Immortal World," he added.

Austin didn't say a word.

He just stared at the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect with a raised eyebrow and a smug smile.

The Holy Son became more eager to challenge him.

"Come on! Let's have a good fight!"

However, a young man in purple who was about twenty years old suddenly walked out of the crowd.

He looked at Austin scornfully.

"Austin, my name is Ezra and I'm from the Blue Dragon School. You have also robbed us of a lot of treasures and inherited martial arts skills when we were in the Fallen Immortal World," the young man introduced himself.

"If you have really obtained those things with your actual strength, I will sincerely admire you. I will not even trouble you ever. But, I think you are really cunning and insidious. I have no idea what magic skill you have used to get the seawater from the Immortal Burial Sea. All I know is you played so many tricks that time. You fooled us by disguising yourself so you can suddenly attack us. If you didn't do such tricks, I know you are not capable of grabbing so many treasures and inherited martial arts skills in the Fallen Immortal World."

The young man's voice was full of disdain.

"If you will not fight with me today, I will definitely never let you off the hook," he continued.

"That's right! That guy is so cunning and tricky. That's why he obtain

re right! That guy is a total rubbish."

"He only knows how to hide behind the elders like a chicken!"

"Shit! How come such a coward dared to provoke the geniuses of the Middle Pilgrim Land? He must be seeking death!"

The cultivators of the ancient sects and the four major schools in the Middle Pilgrim Land burst into laughter. They all taunted Austin.

"Come on, Austin. Why don't you just accept my challenge? You really disappoint me."

The Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect came in front of Austin.

"If you can defeat me, I promise to never bother you again in the future. But if you refuse to accept my challenge, I suggest that you just hand over all the treasures and the inherited martial skills that you have obtained from the Fallen Immortal World. You definitely don't deserve them!"

Apparently, the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect couldn't contain his anger anymore.

He was very eager in convincing Austin to accept his challenge.

"Ha ha! You've got to be kidding me!"

Austin let out a contemptuous laugh.

He looked directly into the Holy Son of the Black Inferno Sect's eyes.

"You want me to accept your challenge. If I lose, I will give you all the treasures and the inherited martial arts skills that I obtained from the Fallen Immortal World. If I win, you will just leave me alone and you won't bother me anymore. That means, you won't be losing anything."

Austin pursed his mouth in a smirk.

"Now tell me, should I really accept your challenge? Do you think I am that stupid?"

Austin then looked around him.

He glanced at each of the cultivators with contempt.

"Don't you realize how many of you are here? Then you will fight altogether against me who is alone? Who's the real coward then?"

Austin burst into laughter.

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