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   Chapter 1957 Austin's Identity

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Silence fell over Austin for a moment and he worried that Brady had left him without an explanation.

"Brady, what are you talking about?"

Austin asked, trying to block out the noise all around him.

"Yes, master. We're going to stop these masters,"

Brady replied in a firm, trusting voice.

"But, Brady… I still don't understand."

Austin scratched his head and looked at the powerful elders in front of him. How was he supposed to stop them from battling?

"Don't worry, master. I know what I am saying,"

Brady reassured him.

Before Austin could doubt him again, Brady teleported from the Slave Tower to the area the crowd was standing in. He stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Austin.

"Wait! There's no need to battle

because you can't kill Austin,"

Brady called out to the three great masters at Immortal Transforming Realm. They had just begun walking in the direction of Austin and there was deadly daggers shooting from their eyes.

At once, Elder Saul of the Unworldly Sect and the dean of the White Tiger School turned to look at Brady. All they wanted was to kill Austin but they kept getting interrupted by nobodies.

Mr. Fang met eyes with Austin, wondering what he was trying to do. There was no way he could defeat these masters at Immortal Transforming Realm.

Facing the three masters, Brady smiled and turned to Austin, gesturing his hand upwards.

Like Brady's hand had a string attached to it, a phantom figure was pulled from Austin's body and came to a rest above his head. The figure was an old man dressed in grey that was sitting cross-legged peacefully.

"It's Master Kevin!"

both Elder Saul and Percy Gao shouted in surprise, staring at the old man ghost with awe.

The people around them seemed confused. They had no idea who Kevin was but if two great masters at Immortal Transforming Realm were surprised, he must be extremely important.

"It's him!"

the old man with grey hair and beard said in shock, looking serious.

Kevin was the old man who had given Austin his Slave Tower.

Austin had been expecting something incredible but he wasn't expecting to see Kevin's image. He made eye contact with Brady, searching for an explanation but Brady ignored him.

'When did Master Kevin leave a mark of spiritual soul on me?' Austin wondered.

He tried to think back and pick a moment, but nothing came to him.

"See? This is why y

Unworldly Sect!"

The entire Unworldly Sect cried out in protest. They had a huge chance to take down Austin and they knew they would never find another like it.

"Dean Percy, why are you leaving like this? We have to kill him."

"Yes, a lot of people from our White Tiger School were killed by Austin. This is stupid. We can't let him get away,"

the disciples of the White Tiger School complained over the noise.

Despite these protests, the elders kept their mouths shut. Shaking their heads, they turned away and began walking.

"Is it true that only Austin's peers can kill him?"

the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect asked Elder Saul loudly, causing him to shuffle to a stop and look over his shoulder.

All eyes were on them as they awaited his answer.

Before Elder Saul could reply, a knowing smile had begun to spread on the face of the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect.

Elder Saul was stunned at the key point he had discovered. Slowly, he nodded his head.

"Since you will be punished if you kill him, then I will do it.

Austin, I, the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect, want to challenge you. If you have guts, come here and fight with me!"

the Holy Son of the Unworldly Sect shouted at Austin.

"I have something to ask you also! Austin, I'm Henry from the Ji Clan. Max is my eldest brother and I heard that you've imprisoned him. You still have him, correct?

I also challenge you! I want my brother back! Do you dare to fight me?"

yelled a young man in white as he walked out of the team of the White Tiger School. His jaw clenched and popped as he glared at Austin.

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